Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Week 15

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If you’re reading this, you’ve won. You progressed to the semi-finals. You need a pickup or two to solidify your options for game-day (don’t freak out, we help with start-sit questions too). You may even be in a pinch like I was, afraid to start your non-stud guys and need a capable stand-in. That’s what we’re here for, breath and read on.

Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said,  stay tuned to my tweets for more gems later on in the week and Follow THE Fantasy Vigilante HERE!


There’s only one QB I’d possibly trust, as a last ditch option, this deep in the playoffs:

Josh Allen

ESPN OWN %: 16.9


He’s giving us his best throwback Cam Newton impersonation and putting together pretty good fantasy games. In the last three weeks he has at least thrown and ran for a touchdown or both. Along with the fact that he’s getting you 99+ yards on the ground and 150 through the air, it makes him at worst, a safe play. Detroit isn’t a team that I’d be shaking in my boots playing my QB against either, so fire him up.

Wide Receivers:

Dante Pettis

ESPN OWN %: 19.6


Very solid 3 weeks after the bye, Pettis has had 7 targets every single game. He’s turned those into 5,4 and 3 receptions for at least 50 yards and a TD. Couple that with a little recency bias of him facing the Seahawks this week who he gave a nice 5/123/2 and you have a wonderful wr3 with wr2 upside.With Goodwin and Brieda being healthy and “Kittles N Bits” taking the attention of the defense, it’ll only help.

Robert Foster

ESPN OWN %: Available

YAHOO OWN%: Available

This doesn’t make me feel good, but I can’t deny what he’s been which is playable. Outside of the game against MIA, he’s been great as a flex/wr3. Sneakily averaging 90+ yards on about 3 receptions per game, he is a most certainly “boom-bust” type. Not something you want to depend on during the playoffs, but sometimes that’s what it takes. Keep an eye on Zay Jones as well, the target share is there, with 8 per game over the last 4 weeks.

Curtis Samuel

ESPN OWN %: 32.5


Didn’t even bother to take Curtis off from last week because I believe in him and the match-up he has AGAIN. New Orleans doesn’t have the strongest secondary and has allowed the #1 and #2 to routinely have good enough yardage games to not sink your ships. I have him in two places currently in the playoffs and who knows, he could be a sneaky championship piece. He’s getting opportunity to make use of his ability and capitalizing. Add to the fact that he’s had good games the last two weeks (15.6, 12 PPR) without touchdowns makes me feel safe. Add a touchdown to these games and we’re looking at a waiver wire week winner.

Running Backs:

Kenneth Dixon

ESPN OWN %: 2.6


Everyone’s darling from a while ago, Dixon has started to round back into form and steal from Gus Edwards. With them running as much as they do and having TB on the docket next, Kenneth wouldn’t be a terrible flex in a pinch. They have allowed over 100 yards to the RB position over the last few weeks and I don’t imagine they’ll be able to slow down Dixon, Gus and Lamar enough.

Damien Williams

ESPN OWN %: 14


If for some reason Ware can’t go or is limited, this would be the next man up. He’s seen enough to at least warrant a flex play and on a short week with not much out there RB wise, he is an option with some upside.

Tight End:

Vernon Davis

ESPN OWN %: 4.9


Anytime Reed goes down, Davis is ready to step up. Davis is a solid replacement and a perfect security blanket for dump offs and shallow routes with a 4 string QB. Fire him up if you need him.

C.J. Uzomah

ESPN OWN %: 30.9


He’s averaging 3 receptions a game which is a good baseline for your tight end in this wasteland. If he’s available, he should be on your roster because he’s alive and gets looks every game. Not really much going out there for the tight end position

You set yourself up in the draft, you win through waivers! Check the transaction wire and go get your #waiverxmas on and come home with a #Top2TypeVictory!

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