Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Championship Week

If you’re reading this, you’ve won, again! You’re on your way to the ship! For a lot of you, this is the end of it all. One last push for the belt, trophy, CASH or bragging rights. This could also solidify people in consolation rounds trying to win 3rd place (my work league 3rd and 4th get payouts). Either way, this is our second to last week before the fantasy season is over. Make it count!

Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said,  stay tuned to my tweets for more gems later on in the week and Follow THE Fantasy Vigilante HERE!


I’m sticking with my thought process of not leaving your chances of winning in the hands of what’s left out there. So again, here’s the only one I trust:

Josh Allen

ESPN OWN %: 31.4


His running backs are made of glass and he looks good running the ball. He’s becoming a threat to both run for high yardage and throw for enough to be beneficial. He and Robert Foster having been finding a great connection and it’s been great for his long ball. The Pats aren’t doing much to stop anybody these days and mobile QBs like Mitch Trubisky gave them heck in week 7. Even still, QBs are coming in and throwing for 250+ and a couple of TDs which is at least a good floor ceiling for him and production.

Wide Receivers:

Dante Pettis

ESPN OWN %: 37.2


He’s going to get volume, we know this. The bears have been allowing the yardage to receivers but not the TDs. He’s a flex at best in this matchup with the Bears more than likely putting lots of pressure on Mullens.

Robert Foster

ESPN OWN %: 3.3


It didn’t make me feel good last week but I advised you all to go after him anyway. Well it seemed to pan out for those who took the plunge and I don’t think it’s going to stop this week against the Pats. I can’t recommend Josh Allen and not talk up his favorite weapon.

DaeSean Hamilton

ESPN OWN %: 24.1


He faces a easy secondary and he’s been being loved by Keenum who typically favors the slot guy. Think of Hamilton as Theilen and Sutton as Diggs. Another helpful play here for those who need it although, the floor is lower than one would like because of the amount that Keenum actually throws (197.7 yards and 1 TD per game avg).

Robby Anderson

ESPN OWN %: 18


He will probably be one of the hotter pickups this week as he and Darnold are finding the same kind of Chemistry that Allen and Foster have found. With him being a deep threat, that always means he has a high probability of getting big gains and TDs relatively quickly, so the receptions may not be there but production will be. Treat him as a WR3 with WR1 as his upside, typically what you’d expect from a boom bust player.

Running Backs:

Latavius Murray

ESPN OWN %: 40.5


Looking back at his history, Murray generally has a decent game if he manages to eke out 15 carries. As long as he can get that against Detroit, he’ll be a fine RB2 play. Less available but may still be out there.

Elijah McGuire

ESPN OWN %: 33.4


The packers are better at defending the pass than they are with the run which makes this a good spot for anyone able to get a hold of him. Averaging about 15 ppr points since Crowell went down, Elijah is looking like a fine play for week 16.

Kenneth Dixon

ESPN OWN %: 11.4


Still widely available, Kenneth is worth the pickup purely based on the fact that the Ravens are running SO much. Add the fact that the Chargers just allowed Damien Williams and Darrel Williams to have very good games bodes well for Dixon, Gus and Lamar.

Tight End:

C.J. Uzomah

ESPN OWN %: 30.9


With Boyd now out for the duration, he should see extra looks. The other receiving options outside of Mixon, Ross and Bernard are gross so I’ll stick to what I said last week:

He’s averaging 3 receptions a game which is a good baseline for your tight end in this wasteland. If he’s available, he should be on your roster because he’s alive and gets looks every game. Not really much going out there for the tight end position.”

You set yourself up in the draft, you win through waivers! Check the transaction wire and go get your #waiverxmas on and come home with a #Top2TypeVictory!

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Christopher A.E. Nelson

Christopher Nelson is a very avid fantasy football fan and analyst. Currently writes/evaluates college prospects through the off-season being part of multiple mock drafts with other entities and making #VigilanteViDSesh threads for public consumption. He loves music and marvel comic lore just as much and tries to find time for all three. Fantasy football has taught him the love of numbers and bolstered his drive for research making it only right that he writes. You can find him @THEffVigilante on Twitter and the_o.f.i.s on Instagram.

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