Week 16 QB Streaming Options

Last Week’s Results: Lamar Jackson doesn’t seem like he had a great game when you look at this total fantasy points of 18.74, but week 15 was a weird week with a lot of disappointments and he actually finished as the 10th QB on the week. He ended up being a good play even though he didn’t break 20 fantasy points on the week.

Championship week is here. It is crazy to think the fantasy season is coming to end. The season has flown by, but here we are. If you were lucky enough to survive the crazy fantasy week that was week 15, it is time to go for the title. These streamers don’t only apply to people playing for the championship, if you have consolation bracket prize or a prize for 3rd place these can help you as well.

Main Streaming Option: Josh Allen

Josh Allen did not produce on the ground at the same level has he had in previous weeks, but he still ran for a TD against Detroit. I am not concerned about the low rushing total because the Lions actually give up the least rushing yards to QBs this year. The Patriots give up the 10th most yards to QBs so Allen should produce on the ground again this week. The productions on the ground for Allen is real, he is 2nd amongst all QBs in rushing yards and leads all QBs with 6 rushing TDs. Allen still has not shown he is good at throwing the ball, but for fantasy that isn’t important. Rushing yards are still more valuable than passing yards. The Patriots have one of the best CBs in the league this year, but it is not like there is a WR on Buffalo he needs to shut down. If it forces Allen to run more that is good, since he is better at running than passing.

Alternate 1: Sam Darnold

Darnold looked good against Houston, he was getting the ball to Robbie Anderson more which is nice to see. He kept the Jets competitive against Houston who is playing for a bye and this week he faces Green Bay that literally has nothing to play for. The Jets are playing at home in a game with a decent over/under of 47. The Packers are favored, but I honestly like the Jets in this game. They pushed Houston and I think they are going to win this week. If they win that means Darnold is going to have to produce. Since coming back from his injury he has completed just fewer than 65% of his passes and has 3 TDs to 1 INT. It is small sample size, but Darnold is again showing the potential that got him drafted at 3 overall. Darnold will be looking to finish the season on a high note and it is the best time for the Jets to open it up and see what he can do at this point.

Alternate 2: Lamar Jackson

I did not intend to make this an all-rookie edition, but the value Jackson has rushing the ball is too hard to ignore. There aren’t a lot of options available in over 50% of leagues I will feel comfortable starting. I mentioned Josh Allen’s rushing earlier; Jackson is the QB that has more rushing yards than him. He leads all QBs in rushing yards, over the last 5 games his lowest rushing total was 67 yards. We saw Jackson be successful in a game against the Chiefs a few weeks ago, so I expect him to be able to produce as the Ravens go to play the Chargers. It is a game they are expected to win against a powerful offense and they need Jackson to perform to stay in the game.

Those are the available QBs I like for championship week. Some people may not like to stream such an important game, but you might not have a choice. Maybe you had Cam Newton or you are scared to put Jared Goff back out there. Good luck to everyone going for a title this week. Hopefully my streaming advice helped you get there this season.

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