Tyree Jackson: a Spicy 3 Star Prospect that Needs Seasoning

Welcome to the 48 Report, a full working database including 48 of our favorite 2019 Draft Prospects. The key, however, is that we focus specifically on their ability to translate as fantasy football players. All players in the database have been/will be scored by 3 writers, and this is their article; explaining their aggregate score, as well as the score of their writer.

All categories are scored on a 1-5 scale; with 5 being the highest score a prospect can receive. The highest aggregate average scores a player can receive is 25. Articles will be posted January-April, all the way up to the draft. Ratings will be adjusted after the combine, based on measurables and after the draft, because as we all know: landing spot matters.

Tyree Jackson (6’7”, 245) Quarterback, Buffalo

16 Aggregate Score (3 Star Prospect)

My score was the highest on Tyree (17) and it’s because I became smitten with his game, measurables and potential. When I see Tyree and his size, it’s hard not to think about Big Ben. It’s kind of funny too because he plays in the MAC just like Ben did and he has two really good receivers reminiscent of Antonio Brown and Juju.

I heard of the hype train on this kid during the season, but now that I’ve had time to break down his tape, I’m starting to understand.

College Production

Before his knee injury, Tyree had his best season as a rusher as a redshirt freshman with 99 attempts for 399 yards in 9 starts. After the injury in his sophomore year, he rushed a lot less because of the hesitancy that comes with any knee injury, but began getting comfortable again in his junior season along with becoming a better passer.

He had his best season as a passer in his junior season where he was 28th in passing yards, throwing for 3,131 yards. Even still, his production doesn’t make up for his exciting play when you actually see him on film.

Arm Strength: Aggregate Score: 4.3 (Personal Score: 5)

I was the highest rater of his arm strength because, the way he launches it is just ridiculous. There’s so much power and velocity on it, I don’t see how receivers actually manage to catch these throws.

Accuracy: Aggregate Score: 2.6 (Personal Score: 3)

It’s not good and it’s not bad either, so that’s why I rated him middle of the road when it came to landing it on target. Some plays it looked like a professional back there dropping dimes left and right. Other times it was not fun to watch how off the mark he was capable of being.

Decision Making: Aggregate Score: 2 (Personal Score: 2)

This metric is the basis for the previous two. This is part of the reason why I think his potential is high. I think he has the accuracy and arm strength to be really good. It’s his decision making that gets him into trouble.

Instead of putting touch on the ball in short yardage situations, he mostly threw it too hard. In times where he needed to use touch, he overthrew it. I didn’t see him under throw it which is good, it means he isn’t inconsistent he just needs to have a regulator coached into that rocket arm.

Athleticism: Aggregate Score: 3.6 (Personal Score: 3)

I may come higher on this score, it just doesn’t seem like he has above average athleticism. It could be a case of him not really trusting his legs fully yet, so we’ll see.

Mechanics: Aggregate Score: 3.3 (Personal Score: 4)

This is another part of his game I was really high on. He looks great in the pocket and his throwing motion from there is fluid. He has times where he throws across his body/on the run that look bad, but even those look good at times. Another aspect of his game I just expect big time growth.

Conclusion: Mid 3rd-Early 4th Round

Location, location, location. That landing spot is going to matter a lot going forward. Is he going to a QB needy team? Is he going to a confidence killing coach? Is he going to sit behind a good QB with good habit? All questions that will determine his success (as with anyone else) and growth. If he ends up in the right place, I see his potential making him a top 3 QB in this class down the road, just not right now. He’ll definitely go when the QB run inevitably happens. If you miss out on guys like Grier, Kyler, Lock or Haskins, you can’t go wrong with him. You may have to wait, but it’ll be worth it.

Published by

Christopher A.E. Nelson

Christopher Nelson is a very avid fantasy football fan and analyst. Currently writes/evaluates college prospects through the off-season being part of multiple mock drafts with other entities and making #VigilanteViDSesh threads for public consumption. He loves music and marvel comic lore just as much and tries to find time for all three. Fantasy football has taught him the love of numbers and bolstered his drive for research making it only right that he writes. You can find him @THEffVigilante on Twitter and the_o.f.i.s on Instagram.

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