2019 Fantasy Football Rookie Mock Draft 2.0

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding some top prospects for the 2019 Senior Bowl after an exciting week in Mobile. It’s time to put those prospects into perspective and get going on our Rookie Mock Draft 2.0! We have our 5 dynasty and devy writers contributing to this mock draft-sit back and enjoy:

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1.01:  D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

Metcalf can burn up the sideline, his acceleration is a lethal combination to his athletic ability and size

D.K. Metcalf is currently my WR1 in this class.  He has the size, speed, handwork and athleticism to a be an absolute stud in the NFL.  By no means is he a finished product, but I believe he has the highest ceiling out of anyone in this class.  

All reports say that he is healthy and ready for the combine, but i will definitely be keeping an eye on him there to make sure that he passes all of the medical exams/tests

Mike Colaianne

1.02:  Kelvin Harmon, WR, NC State

Sweet Christmas, I’m picking at #2 but I got my WR1! Kelvin Harmon is one of the few prospects that I think has the “complete package”. He can block his tail off, run almost every route in the tree, make athletic adjustments when needed and so on. There’s not many guys I get excited about in this class like I do with Harmon.

Christopher Nelson

1.03:  N’Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State

Harry is a HUGE YAC threat. He’s seriously athletic and as you can see here: the play is never over when the ball is in his hands

Missing out on my top rated player (Kelvin Harmon) hurts a little but the sting isn’t that bad because I still scored big (literally) with Harry at 1.03. Harry is my number 3 rated player overall, and WR2-at this point in the offseason. You can see why in my pre-combine wide receiver ranking article here.

Harry is a consistent pass catcher, has huge big-play athleticism, and is a monster after the catch. Barring a terrible landing spot, Harry will be a versatile weapon for an NFL team and an amazing combination of PPR safety and TD potential for fantasy football players.

Matt Hicks

1.04:  David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State

Montgomery is the best running back in this class. I have said it before and I will continue saying it. He has the most complete skill set which helps raise his ceiling. He has the pass catching ability and elite level agility and balance to help set a high floor. Montgomery will go high enough in April that he should get a shot a workload to make him fantasy relevant in his rookie campaign.

Josh Padgett

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1.05:  Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State

Butler has quickly become one of my favorite WRs due to his combination of size, speed and all around ability to play the position. He might be landing spot-proof and I look forward to having some shares of him this season.

Eric Adams

1.06:  AJ Brown, WR, Ole Miss

Now it is time to take the more productive wide receiver out of Ole Miss. Playing out of the slot most of his college career, Brown displayed nice hands, the ability to make contested catches and became a huge threat after the catch.  Brown can become a PPR machine in the NFL and has some nice upside.

Mike Colaianne

1.07:  Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State

Campbell is #FAST

Another exciting chance here at the 7th pick to be able to land Parris Campbell! He reminds me of a technician that is currently on the outs in Pittsburgh. Watching him play, you can tell he’s dedicated to his craft and allows his talent to shine through the hard work vs just relying on talent.

His footwork is impeccable, he’s disciplined in his route running and super fast. I’d take him right here all day. One of those guys who I could see as an eventual WR1 on a team who can play the X, Y or Z.

Christopher Nelson

1.08:  Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

Anderson hits the hole hard and uses his great vision and agility to burst through the B gap. He gets to the sideline quick and accelerates quicker

Getting Rodney Anderson at 1.08 is equal parts insulting and highway robbery. Anderson is my RB1 and my 2nd favorite prospect overall-in terms of translating to fantasy football value. Anderson took this slide because of his injury history-but once he clears the combine with flying colors his draft stock will skyrocket.

Anderson is explosive in between the tackles and can accelerate to the edge equally quick. He has great vision, and sharp cuts (including a nasty jump cut) that compliment his agility nicely. He’s very strong too-he breaks tackles and when he’s not shredding Big 12 defenders, he’s trucking SEC linebackers. He fights for extra yards and easily has the most upside of any running back in this draft class.

Matt Hicks

1.09: Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Looking across the barren landscape, a man appears. He is walking slowly through the dust blowing ferociously around his helmet. As the man approaches, you begin to understand the size and the strength of this stranger. You realize he is your ticket out of this wasteland.

That man is Noah Fant. He is here to save you from the TE wasteland. Draft him in the first round or you won’t get him, and you will regret watching the next great tight end blossom into an elite fantasy asset.

Josh Padgett

1.10: Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

You’ve probably seen plenty of plays with Kyler breaking off a big run, so we will highlight his ridiculous arm strength here

He will be the most dynamic QB in the draft and I don’t think any QB at the senior bowl lit the world on fire. The way QB is played in the NFL is changing and Murray will further prove that point. He’s worth taking in the 1st Round.

Eric Adams

1.11: Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama

Josh Jacobs has become my draft crush.  He is a violent runner. He uses his natural strength and power to bounce off players and break tackles.  Jacobs also displays decent vision with some nice cutting ability.

Jacobs showed that he is a natural pass catcher and can produce in the passing game.  Considering Alabama is loaded at running back, I don’t care that Jacobs didn’t have workhorse production. This kid is really good at football.

Mike Colaianne

1.12: Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia

Rildey can serious go up and get a ball-a highlight machine

The man that #DraftTwitter seems torn on, Riley Ridley. For all the lack of production he had while at Georgia, he showed me enough to have faith in him. Sure he has a great name to latch onto given his brother’s success, but that’s not what makes him.

What draws me to him is ability to create separation as well as his hands in tight coverage. He’s also not afraid of contact and will go up for even the most dangerous throws.

Christopher Nelson

2.01:  Lil’Jordan Humphrey, WR, Texas

Wide receivers will go off the board quickly in this year’s rookie drafts. That means if you’re drafting late 1st/early second you will likely not get to take: Melcalf, AJ Brown, Harry, Harmon, or Butler. That leaves Lil’Jordan Humphrey as my top target at this point in the draft-he’s my WR6.

The only thing more impressive than his name is his route running-he has a diverse and well-developed route tree. He dominates the middle of the field and has the athletic ability to be break off a big play at any point. At 6’4”, 225 Humphrey is one of the biggest wideouts in the draft-and at this point in your draft, he’d be a very big value.

Matt Hicks

2.02: Emmanuel Hall, WR, Missouri

Hall was the best player in a good Missouri offense last year. After battling a bevy of injuries throughout his college career, he inherently carries a lot of risk especially here in the early second round. At only 195 pounds, his 6’3” frame is relatively lanky. He could improve on his play strength, but he can’t let that affect his quickness in his breaks or his down the field speed.

Hall averaged over 22 yards per reception last year. He can stretch the field in a big way and has the craftiness underneath to contribute all across the field.

Josh Padgett

2.03: Jalen Hurd, WR, Baylor

Hurd is ridiculously athletic and is a redzone threat as a WR and a RB

This guy can literally do everything. A running back at Tennessee, Hurd decided to transfer because he wanted to play WR. He put up good numbers as a WR and will be looked at as a versatile offensive weapon, the type of weapon teams love to utilize in creative ways.

Eric Adams

2.04: Damian Harris, RB, Alabama

Do you remember me saying how Alabama was loaded at running back? Damian Harris was the starter and isn’t even the first Alabama RB drafted.  I don’t think Harris has the upside Josh Jacobs has, but Harris still is a powerful runner with some nice receiving ability. At this point, I’d be ecstatic to get Harris at the 2.04

Mike Colaianne

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2.05: Elijah Holyfield, RB, Georgia

I heart the value here. This kid is going to be pretty good. I won’t say RB1 yet, but definitely strong RB2 with RB1 upside. It’s almost mechanical how he changes directions and hits open gaps in the line.

Not only does he turn on a dime, when he hits the edge you can say bye because he’s gone. Great speed, strong and good enough hands on the catch, he’d make a fine 3 down back.  

Christopher Nelson

2.06: Trayveon Williams, RB, TAMU

I need to start by saying I’m very salty Eric took Hurd at 2.03-I love his upside and will gush about him all day; I thought he’d make it to me here at 2.06. Still, I love Trayveon Williams, and at 2.06 he makes for a very valuable 2nd round selection-I took him at 1.10 in our first mock draft.

Williams led the SEC with 1,760 rushing yards in 2018-against a lot of NFL level talent. Williams sees holes well and hits them hard for his size. He breaks off tackles consistently while accelerating downfield very quickly. He makes defenders miss in space and has good hands-making him a serious PPR threat. AT 5’9”, 200 Williams may be overlooked by NFL teams-don’t make that mistake, I absolutely expect him to make an impact for fantasy football.

Matt Hicks

2.07: JJ Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford

Arcega-Whiteside is not the most exciting prospect in the draft. He is however, very safe. A contested catch specialist who has knack for getting the endzone is a welcome addition to any team. He is a much less athletic Mike Williams, a guy who is poised for a break out this year by the way. Go get Arcega-Whiteside in the mid to late second and be prepared to wait for the opportunity, you will be pleased with the result.

Josh Padgett

2.08: Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma

Brown might be one of the 3 fastest wideouts in this class, and can work Big 12 defenders with his route running

I am enamored with the speed of Brown. He certainly isn’t the biggest guy but he is definitely the fastest. In a league where Tyreek Hill and Brandin Cooks are dominating, I’m sure teams see more of the same in the Oklahoma speedster.

Eric Adams

2.09: Irv Smith Jr., TE, Alabama

Irv Smith Jr. is an extremely athletic tight end that looks to follow the same mold as Evan Engram.  With his speed, route running and elusiveness after the catch, Smith will be able to line up on the line or in the slot and be a nice producer at the tight end position.  I would like for him to fine tune his blocking a bit more so he can get on the field as early as possible.

Mike Colaianne

2.10: Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

Lock places a perfect ball into the back corner of the end zone against Bama

I think that here is where the QB run could start and I’m happy I got my QB1 in this draft. Drew Lock is one of the best in this class when it comes to tight window throws all over the field.

He’s patient, can run it when needed and will definitely be a starter sooner than later. As long as he gets good weapons around him and stays confident (one of his issues) I could see him being somewhere around QB 15-20 after his rookie season. Essentially, I could see him as a QB2 who will give you QB1 weeks every once in awhile.

Christopher Nelson

2.11: Benny Snell, RB, Kentucky

Snell seems to be the best kept secret in this year’s NFL draft, and getting him at 2.11 proves that. I’ll be honest, I would’ve loved to get Irv Smith here, but Mike’s a smart man and didn’t let that happen. Instead, I’ll happily move on with Benny Snell on my roster.

Snell is a powerful runner-he hits holes hard and is a weekly presence against SEC defenders. Snell has rushed for at least 1,000 yards in all 3 of his seasons with Kentucky. That includes 1,333 rushing yards in his sophomore season (2017) 1,499 rushing yards in 2018, and 48 career touchdowns. In addition to smashing through the A gap-Snell has the ability to beat defenders to the edge and accelerate downfield. He might not be the flashiest, but he has 3 down potential and I’ll have lots of Benny Snell come the end of draft season

Matt Hicks

2.12: Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis

Darrell Henderson was flat out impressive at Memphis last year.  2200 yards from scrimmage and 25 trips to the house in 13 games. He averaged almost 10 yards a touch. This kid is clearly explosive. I have concerns as to whether he can handle a heavy workload at the NFL level with his listed weight at only 200 pounds. Henderson is a great change of pace player who has a high ceiling if he can figure out a way to add some weight while maintaining that patent explosiveness.

Josh Padgett

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Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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