Sleeper Alert! Trayveon Williams: 3 Star Fantasy Football Prospect

Welcome to the 48 Report, a full working database including 48 of our favorite 2019 Draft Prospects. The key, however, is that we focus specifically on their ability to translate as fantasy football players. All players in the database have been/will be scored by 3 writers, and this is their article; explaining their aggregate score, as well as the score of their writer.

All categories are scored on a 1-5 scale; with 5 being the highest score a prospect can receive. The highest aggregate average scores a player can receive is 25. Articles will be posted January-April, all the way up to the draft. Ratings will be adjusted after the combine, based on measurables and after the draft, because as we all know: landing spot matters.

Trayveon Williams (5’9, 200), Running Back, Texas A&M

16 Aggregate Score (3 Star Prospect)

The first thing that people will notice right away is his diminutive size. I need you to throw all of that out the window because the tape doesn’t lie: he plays bigger than his size indicates. In the same mold as Dion Lewis, Williams can run in between the tackles with great vision. His balanced running style is a testament to his strength and balance as a runner. He is absolutely a guy to keep an eye on in the lead up to the draft.

College Production

As a freshman, Williams toted the rock 156 times for 1,087 yards (6.8 YPC) and 8 touchdowns. In the receiving department, he totaled 19 receptions for 91 yards. A modest start to Williams’ collegiate career but he would unfortunately suffer setbacks in year 2. As a sophomore, Williams failed to break 1,000 yards rushing. He totaled 798 yards on 173 carries (4.6 YPC) to go along with 8 touchdowns. He took a step forward in the receiving department totaling 192 yards on 20 receptions.

As a junior, Williams broke out in a big way. He ran the ball 271 times for 1,760 yards and scored an outrageous 18 touchdowns on the ground. He also added in 27 receptions for 278 yards and a touchdown in the receiving game. It all finally clicked for Williams and now he looks to take the next step in the NFL.

Speed/Agility: Aggregate Score: 4.3 (Personal Score: 4)

Trayveon Williams has very good speed and can move very smoothly in and out of tight spots. Due to his size, it is often hard to get a beat on where he is behind the line of scrimmage. The Dion Lewis comparisons are going to follow Williams everywhere and they honestly fit him pretty well.

Receiving: Aggregate Score: 3.6 (Personal Score: 3)

Williams rarely ever left the field. He was on the field for running and passing downs. When I reviewed his tape, I saw him run multiple routes and he looked good doing it. He definitely has the chops to be an all-around back in the NFL.

Vision: Aggregate Score: 4.3 (Personal Score: 5)

This might be Williams’ best trait and his size helps him avoid defenders simply because it’s hard to find him and get him down once he gets the ball. He is able to find holes and hit them with great burst. He has a very clean and quick jump cut that allows him to make positive plays. His vision will be loved by many scouts leading up to the draft and will be one reason he is on so many radars.

Blocking: Aggregate Score: 1.6 (Personal Score: 2)

The biggest concern is his size, which will get him manhandled at times. He needs to lower his shoulder more on chip blocks. If he can put a little more power behind his chip blocks then he would have a better score. This is an area to work on for Williams; he’ll have to work on this area if he wants to stay on the field more.

Strength: Aggregate Score: 2.6 (Personal Score: 3)

Williams is a very balanced running back. His running style allows him to maintain his balance and he has the ability to take some hits and keep on chugging along. He has a good base that allows him to keep his feet as well. For a guy who isn’t over 5’10, he can lower the boom on defenders who don’t see it coming.

Conclusion: 2nd round pick

Get ready to take a shot because here it is; depending on the landing spot, Williams might be the steal of fantasy drafts when it’s time to select. If he lands in a spot in need of an all around back then his stock will rise big time. If he is available in the second round of rookie drafts then I would absolutely pull the trigger on him. He could provide immediate return on investment.

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