David Montgomery: 1 of 3 RB1s

Welcome to the 48 Report, a full working database including 48 of our favorite 2019 Draft Prospects. The key, however, is that we focus specifically on their ability to translate as fantasy football players. All players in the database have been/will be scored by 3 writers, and this is their article; explaining their aggregate score, as well as the score of their writer.

All categories are scored on a 1-5 scale; with 5 being the highest score a prospect can receive. The highest aggregate average scores a player can receive is 25. Articles will be posted January-April, all the way up to the draft. Ratings will be adjusted after the combine, based on measurables and after the draft, because as we all know: landing spot matters.

David Montgomery (5’11”, 216), Iowa State

19.6 Aggregate Score (4 Star Prospect)

David Montgomery is currently our 2nd highest rated running back prospect, only behind Rodney Anderson.  The main reason for this is that Montgomery is so well rounded.  Similar to Anderson, Montgomery has all the traits to be a three-down back in the NFL.  The nice thing about Montgomery, unlike most prospects in this year’s class, is that there aren’t any glaring red flags or limitations that could hold him back.

According to 247Sports Composite, Montgomery was 3-star recruit out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  While at Mt. Healthy High School, Montgomery was a dual-threat quarterback, with an emphasis on the “dual”.  In his career, Montgomery totaled over 6,600 rushing yards and 91 rushing touchdowns.  On top of that, he added 2,247 passing yards and 25 passing touchdowns.  Montgomery was named to the all-state team three times and was named the Ohio Player of the Year by the AP his senior season.

College Production

Montgomery had some very good production while at ISU.  Now, we have to keep in mind that most of this production came against Big 12 competition, which is notorious for subpar defenses.

Montgomery walked onto campus and started producing right away as a true freshman.  Playing in 12 games, starting the last 4, Montgomery was able to compile 563 yards and 2 touchdowns on 109 carries.  Montgomery also added 13 receptions for 129 yards.  

His sophomore year, Montgomery rushed for 1146 yards and 11 touchdowns, along with 36 receptions for 296 yards.  Finally, in his junior year, Montgomery rushed for 1216 yards for 13 touchdowns and had 22 receptions for 157 yards.  According to Pro Football Focus (PFF), Montgomery led the nation in forced missed tackles both his sophomore and junior year.

Montgomery was named a First-Team All-American by PFF and First-Team All-Big 12 by the AP and ESPN both his sophomore and junior year.  The Big 12 coaches named him to the First-Team All-Big 12 his sophomore year and the Second-Team All-Big 12 his junior year.

Speed/Agility: Aggregate Score: 4 (Personal Score: 4)

Montgomery has good speed and great burst.  One of my favorite parts of Montgomery’s game is his ability to find a hole and hit it hard.  Montgomery also has enough speed to get outside of the tackles.  He is very agile, both when maneuvering near the hole and in open space.  Montgomery can change direction with ease, which helps him keep negative plays alive and to turn them into positive plays. 

The only thing going against Montgomery here is that his breakaway speed is capped.  Don’t expect Montgomery to break off many 50+ yard rushes.

Receiving Skills:  Aggregate Score: 3.6 (Personal Score: 4)

Montgomery looks very comfortable as a receiver.  In his career, Montgomery had 71 receptions for 582 yards.  As the stats show, Montgomery did the majority of his damage in the flats and on short routes over the middle of the field. Montgomery does a great job of finding space and getting open.  He has decent acceleration after the catch, which provided him opportunities to produce some YAC. 

I just don’t understand why Montgomery wasn’t used more in the passing game.  Although 71 career receptions is a decent number, I feel that he could have done a lot more damage in the passing game if he was given the opportunity.

Vision: Aggregate Score: 5 (Personal Score: 5)

Montgomery’s vision is probably his best asset.  He is a very patient runner that always seems to find the hole.  He displayed a very good jump cut that allows him to fit into small holes quickly.  Montgomery has a great understanding of where his blockers are going to be and does a great job of following them.  As I mentioned in the speed category, when Montgomery finds the hole, he hits it hard.

Blocking: Aggregate Score: 3 (Personal Score: 3)

Montgomery wasn’t asked to do a whole lot of blocking while at ISU.  He was usually used to chip at the LOS and then released to run a route.  However, when he did stay in and was asked to block, he held his ground.  By no means is he a finished product, but Montgomery shows willingness, effort and isn’t a liability out there.

Strength: Aggregate Score: 4 (Personal Score: 4)

I was so impressed with Montgomery’s ability to keep the play alive.  He displays a low center of gravity and has a strong base.  He is willing to put his head down and take on defenders.  Montgomery is constantly bouncing off the first tackle and gaining a few yards after contact.  Another thing that I love is that Montgomery is consistently falling forward.  That may seem like a little thing, but when he is gaining a couple yards every other play just from falling forward, those yards start to add up and translate to fantasy points.

Conclusion: Early-Mid 1st Round Target

Due to the top end talent at the wide receiver position, a lot of people are sliding the running backs to the back half of the 1st round.  Personally, I think this is a mistake. Montgomery is a well-rounded prospect that looks ready to produce right away.  

If Montgomery gets a good landing spot, I’d be willing to take him at the 1.02/1.03 range.  Even with just an okay landing spot, the farthest I could see Montgomery slipping for me is 1.07. Remember, running backs are the ones that usually provide a quick return on investment.  So as nice as it would be to take one of the premier WR’s early in the 1st round, you most likely will end up with more production from Montgomery year one.

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