Noah Fant: an Infusion of Tight End Talent

Noah Fant (6’5”, 241), Tight End, Iowa

20.6 Aggregate Score (4 Star Prospect)

Welcome to the 48 Report, a full working database including 48 of our favorite 2019 Draft Prospects. The key, however, is that we focus specifically on their ability to translate as fantasy football players. All players in the database have been/will be scored by 3 writers, and this is their article; explaining their aggregate score, as well as the score of their writer.

All categories are scored on a 1-5 scale; with 5 being the highest score a prospect can receive. The highest aggregate average scores a player can receive is 25. Articles will be posted January-April, all the way up to the draft. Ratings will be adjusted after the combine, based on measurables and after the draft, because as we all know: landing spot matters.

VERY excited to discuss this upcoming NFL Draft stud. As all fantasy players know, 2018 was a year in which the tight end position hit rock bottom. Talent was hard to come by and production was scarce. It practically became a wasteland outside of the top 5 and even they had their struggles.

Enter this year’s draft class rich with plenty of top prospects that should lead the tight end position back to fantasy relevance. Today we will be discussing Iowa Tight End Noah Fant. Fant attended Omaha South High School and played football and basketball. He totaled 1,064 yards on 78 catches and scored 18 touchdowns.

College Production

A 3 star recruit, Fant committed to Iowa in 2016. Fant appeared in 6 games as a freshman, totaling 9 receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown. As a sophomore in 2017, Fant appeared in 12 games catching 30 balls for 494 yards and 11 touchdowns. Looking to improve on a solid sophomore season, Fant appeared in another 12 games in his final college season grabbing 39 receptions for 519 yards and 7 touchdowns.

It is fair to note that while at Iowa, Fant had a running mate in fellow tight end TJ Hockensen who, in his own right, will also be a very high draft pick come April. They are likely to be the first 2 tight ends off the board in the Draft and are both very good tight ends.

Speed/Acceleration: Aggregate Score 4.6 (Personal Score 5)

6 foot 5 inches and 241 pounds, I just want to state that before letting you know Noah Fant possesses elite speed and acceleration for a tight end. Fant was constantly blowing by defenders and has a gear that elite tight ends possess. He creates easy separation for a guy his size and will be a matchup nightmare at the NFL level.

Route Running: Aggregate Score 4 (Personal Score 4)

Very solid route runner who can improve but who couldn’t? Fant has enough in this area to be an elite receiving option right away in the NFL. He has swift cuts and good burst off the line of scrimmage and in and out of his routes. A true matchup nightmare for opposing defenses and it shows on tape.

Blocking: Aggregate Score 3 (Personal Score 3)

Honestly he was better than I thought he was going into the tape. I have heard that he just doesn’t block at all and that is just not true. He can be an effective blocker and has the tools to be a very good one. What he needs to work on is his awareness in blocking schemes. There was a certain play where he was tasked with blocking an outside defender and turning him inside so the RB could get the edge. He succeeded in doing so but he also let a defender run right inside and disrupt the play. If he cut that defender off, the play goes for a big gain. It’s little things that he can do better and if he improves then he will be one of the better all around tight ends sooner rather than later.

Handwork/Positioning: Aggregate Score 4.3 (Personal Score 5)

Good luck getting a hand on this guy because jamming him at the line, at his size, just won’t work. He constantly swatted away defenders at the line of scrimmage. Whether it’s a linebacker, safety or corner defending him, he is going to be difficult to account for with the way he can win at the line of scrimmage.

Athleticism: Aggregate Score 4.6 (Personal Score 5)

Get ready for Fant to be a darling of the combine. He will ace every test with flying colors and his 40 time will especially be monitored because if he an pull a 4.5 or lower then that may secure him a spot in the first round. The bench press also bears watching due to his playing strength. If he can perform well in those two areas then he’s going in the first round.

Conclusion: Late 1st-Early 2nd round

Fant is a bona fide stud and he will no doubt in high demand come rookie draft season. The tight end position needs a shot in the arm and Fant along with the rest of the class should provide it. If you’re sitting around the 1.08-1.12 range and Fant is available, I would pull the trigger. Even if not a need and you’re set at TE, Fant can be a valuable trade commodity with the current state of the position for fantasy football.

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