Mock Draft Season: Post-Combine Rookie Mock 5

This week for Mock Draft Monday, we’ll be performing a 2 round rookie mock draft to see how the guys feel about the rookies post-NFL Combine. What has changed? Who has risen? Who has fallen?

1.01 N’Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State

He is who we thought he was athletically.  He proved as much at the combine with speed coming in where we thought it would and with a strong showing at 27 bench reps. Harry stays firmly planted in my 1.01 spot. No concerns arose and no one else (that’s right, NO ONE else) destroyed the combine to shake things up at the top of my first round.

-Josh Padgett

1.02  D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

Metcalf’s performance at last weeks scouting combine has solidified him as a top 2 prospect prior to the NFL Draft for me.  My main questions with Metcalf were his top end speed and his health. He answered both of those questions with flying colors by running a 4.33 40 yard dash and having nothing come up so far from his medicals.  The argument against Metcalf is that he had an awful 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle time. I get that these are concerns but are we really shocked that a guy who is 6’3”, 228 lbs and runs a 4.33 40 isn’t very agile and takes time to change direction.  The only thing that could possibly move Metcalf down for me is a poor landing spot or one of the other top 4 guys getting a great landing spot.

-Mike Colaianne

1.03 Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State

This is a bold reaction to Harmon’s poor combine performance. Instead of my former WR1, I’ll take Butler-who has a huge ceiling for fantasy football rosters. Butler’s tape shows a dynamic playmakers with the ability to dominate defenders with his route running and athleticism. In Indianapolis Butler proved he’s a truly large threat-measuring in at the 98%tile in height, 95%tile in weight, 98th%tile in wingspan, 99th%tile in arm length, 98th%tile in hand size.

Butler ran a 4.48 40 yard dash-a seriously exciting amount of speed for his size. Butler’s height adjusted speed score put him 2nd in that category, second only to DK Metcalf. He also placed in the 88th%tile in broad jump and 78th%tile in bench press. He’s an impressive combination of size and speed.

-Matt Hicks

1.04 AJ Brown

I’m starting to lean in the direction of AJ Brown being the best WR in this class. I think he’s the safest of the class and if I can get him at 1.04, then I would be happy with the pick. He is one of the wide receivers in this class who should not be too landing spot dependent.

-Eric Adams

1.05 David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State

Another player who didn’t move much for me after the combine. He performed mostly as expected. He didn’t participate in the 3 cone or the shuttles which would be where I expect him to shine. He posted numbers that matched the tape and is still the most well rounded back in this class. His draft stock will still command where you need to take him in rookie drafts, but I am comfortable here in the middle of the first round.

-Josh Padgett

1.06 Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama

Josh Jacobs didn’t participate in any of the drills at the combine due to a groin injury.  Jacobs is still my RB2, right behind David Montgomery. Jacobs pops off the tape with his speed, explosiveness and strength.  He is a natural pass catcher and can easily be a three-down back in the NFL. I’m not to concerned with the limited production due to the fact that he was splitting reps with Damian Harris and Najee Harris, both of whom will end up playing in the NFL.

-Mike Colaianne

1.07 Kelvin Harmon, WR, NC State

I’ve taken Harmon in many mock drafts with the 1.01, his draft position in this mock draft in as accurate representation to how poor his combine performance was. Harmon finished below the 30th%tile in: 40 yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, 3-cone drill, and 20 yard shuttle. Harmon’s only redeeming score was his 18 reps on the bench press.

The combine, however, was never going to be great for Harmon. What he does well doesn’t show up in athletic testing. He has fantastic route running ability, great football, some of the best hands in the class, and consistently wins contested catches. He’s the best blocking wideout in this class. Harmon is the most pro-ready wide receiver in the group and he has a legitimate chance to see the field and start putting up fantasy football points Week 1.

-Matt Hicks

1.08 TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa

The best tight end in this class in my opinion, Hockenson is getting overshadowed by the athletic ability of his fellow Iowa tight end Noah Fant. I’m here to tell you he is just as good, if not better at catching the ball. He may be a little slower but I expect the overall ability to shine through. I have Hock at 1A and Fant at 1B. Where they land will break the tie for me.

-Eric Adams

1.09 Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Fant was confirmed as a freak athlete by his combine. That confirms his first round status for rookie drafts for me. He has the upside to have an Evan Engram type rookie year.  Fant is of the archetype that will score fantasy points early on in his career. A great pass catcher with crazy lateral agility, he will make some wow plays this year. The small tier of top tight ends in the NFL could be adding a member here.

-Josh Padgett

1.10 Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

Without the injury concerns, Anderson would be a top 5 player in this rookie class for fantasy.  Anderson is extremely well rounded and has the size/skill set to be a three down back. If Anderson can get past all of the injuries and stay healthy in the NFL, he can be a major steal in rookie drafts this year.  

-Mike Colaianne

1.11 Trayveon Williams, RB, Texas A&M

Williams had a pedestrian combine, which is going to help him continue to fly under the radar in fantasy football drafts. He ran a 4.51 40-yard dash and jumped 121” in the broad jump. I believe Williams falls into the 2nd round in most fantasy football rookie drafts, but I’ll continue to drive his ADP up.

Williams has monster production; with 2 seasons of 1000+ rushing yards against SEC defenses. He has great vision, quick and clean cuts, and is dangerous in open space. Williams profiles as one of the few running backs in this class with 3-down potential and that makes him very valuable in PPR leagues.

-Matt Hicks

1.12 Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown, WR, Oklahoma

At the back end of the first round, I’d be willing to take a risk on a guy that I wouldn’t need immediate help from. Brown is that guy in my opinion. If it weren’t for his foot injury, Brown would likely be going a lot higher. I love his game and his speed should translate well. The upside alone is good enough for me at the 1.12.

-Eric Adams

2.01 Emmanuel Hall, WR, Missouri

Hall is a guy who had been rising on draft boards prior to lighting the combine on fire. He put up huge numbers in the vert and broad jump. He ran 4.40 40. Testing far better than I expected him to solidifies the hype for me as he continues rising.  Those athletic numbers should move Hall up the NFL draft boards as well. It also shows that Hall is very much back from his injury last year. He missed games in all 4 years of his college career, but his production when he was on the field is intriguing. Without knowing results of his medicals, we have to trust his numbers that show he is healthy.  If he can maintain that health, he can produce in the NFL.

-Josh Padgett

2.02 Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State

I just miss out on my boy Emmanuel Hall, but Paris Campbell is a nice consolation prize. Campbell was another winner from the combine, where he ran a 4.31 40, had a vertical jump of 40” and a broad jump of 135”.  With that speed and explosiveness, Campbell should be able to get on the field right away and be used in a variety of ways.

-Mike Colaianne

2.03 Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State

Sanders had possibly the best combine performance of any running back this year. He ran a 4.49 40-yard dash, equal to Darrell Henderson, despite weighing in at 211 lbs. He scored in the 71st%tile in vertical jump, 85th%tile in broad jump, 74th%tile in 3-cone drill, 65th%tile in 20-yard shuttle, and threw up 20 reps on the bench press.

Sanders tape shows a great athlete, but I was waiting until the combine to confirm that he was as athletic as he is quick on tape. He is a great combination of size, quickness, and power; a rare combination in this year’s draft class.

-Matt Hicks

2.04 Irv Smith Jr., TE, Alabama

I have been gushing about TJ Hockenson and Noah Fant so much that I have been sort of neglecting Irv Smith Jr. Don’t get it twisted, I LOVE Irv Smith. I just don’t love him as much as I do the other two guys. He should make an impact year 1 and is definitely a top 2 tight end in this class.

-Eric Adams

2.05 Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina

Deebo is a polarizing prospect for most. The strongest aspect of his game is his ability with the ball in his hands. His combine numbers were a little lackluster compared to my expectations. A 7.03 3 cone time is especially interesting for a guy who hangs his hat on quick cuts. I thought his change of direction would have shown a little better in the numbers.  However, the tape still shows the ability to create extra yards after the catch. He may not be a freak athlete, but he is an NFL level athlete with strong route running and a calling card that will let him stick as a return man. Opportunity will be there for Deebo.

-Josh Padgett

2.06 Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

HE IS 5’10”, 207 LBS!!! Murray is a perceived winner from the combine, with rumors already popping up of him being the first overall pick in the NFL draft.  If history repeats, that means Murray will most likely get on the field in his first season. I’m not sure he will be a good NFL quarterback, but Murray has the athleticism and arm talent that could make him a valuable fantasy option.  

-Mike Colaianne

2.07 Jalen Hurd, WR, Baylor

Hurd continues to fly under the radar with an injury that has now prevented him from participating in both the senior bowl and extensively in Indianapolis. Hurd did, however, show off his strength at the combine by throwing up 225 lbs. 23 times. Hurd also measured in at the 95th%tile in height and 94th%tile in weight. His tape shows a high level of athleticism for someone so strong. He’s raw but his upside is fantastic.

-Matt Hicks

2.08 David Sills V, WR, West Virginia

I took this opportunity at 2.08 to give some recognition to a prospect who played his ass off in college. David Sills is a good player. He is a very good wide receiver. He is not getting nearly the amount of love he should be getting. He has a bit of a lanky frame but he is 6’4” and can go up and get jump balls. I like Sills a lot and I think someone in rounds 3-5 in the NFL Draft will be happy they took him. Big time sleeper pick in Sills.

-Eric Adams

2.09 Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis

Henderson ran well at the combine with a 4.49 40. He decided to skip the agility drills, but he jumped well and put up 22 reps on the bench. Henderson was a guy who relied on big plays in college and he produced them constantly.  He is not a plus athlete, but he should be able to contribute to a rotation in the NFL. He showed solid hands as well though he only averaged about 1.5 receptions per game in his career. I think Henderson has as good a chance as almost anyone in this class to fill a three down role. Will he be a workhorse? I doubt it. Which is why he is around in the late second round.

-Josh Padgett

2.10 Damien Harris, RB, Alabama

Harris didn’t really do anything to his stock at the combine.  He put up respectable numbers through most of the tests. I would have liked to see him put up more then 16 reps on the bench press, but he displays a ton of strength when running the ball in his film.  Harris should be a solid contributor on first and second down in the NFL.

-Mike Colaianne

2.11 Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M

Lost among the hype of this year’s “big 3” TEs is a well rounded, dynamic pass catching and blocking tight end from College Station. Sternberger dominates the first third of the field as a pass catcher. He won’t burn defenders but can make defenders miss in space after the catch to break off a big play. He is a great route runner for a man of his size. He’s also a solid and run blocker; which will allow him to get on the field quick.

The talent in this year’s TE class, coupled with the lack of fantasy football production at the TE position in 2018, justifies 4 tight ends coming off the board in the first 2 rounds of rookie drafts.

-Matt Hicks

2.12 Andy Isabella, WR, UMass

Isabella was a big fish in a small pond at UMass. He put up big numbers against Georgia and proved time and time again that he is a very complete receiver. I am all over the place with where he could go in the NFL Draft but what I do know is Isabella will make an impact in 2019 for Fantasy and I will gladly take him at 2.12.

-Eric Adams

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