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Rookie Rankings (Nelson) Preeminent v. Undistinguished: Tight Ends

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Welcome to my rookie rankings based on my recent article detailing differences between prospects drafted in round 1-5 versus 6-7+UDFA! I figured out an interesting way to not only help everyone draft more successful teams, but to know how to value positions a little better going forward.

To get the breakdown you can visit the previous article here which has the thread that started it all as well.

Success the Long Way

It’s something I have to speak on that a surprising amount of dynasty players don’t understand: Tight ends don’t have season one value as far as top tier production. It takes time to develop this position. The true breakouts happen around the end of year 2 (sometimes) to the end of year 5 (when I’d say it’s ok to give up on the player). When people mention Evan Engram as their argument, I point to the fact that the team was heavily decimated in the receiving corps and he was the only option. That has happened to other rookies as well. We’ll call that the faux-breakout. It fools people into believing stardom has already started, when it hasn’t.

A Penny for Your Thoughts..

I really love this class for guys who are probably going to produce sooner and some guys who will take longer to develop, but have so much potential. There’s also some guys who are amazing blockers but are absolute question marks on the receiving end. Then there are guys who are just marks. Either way, this class along with 2017’s class and a little bit of 16’/18′ will bring back the tight end position that is perceived to be dead at the moment. Which in all truth, it kind of is. After the top few TEs last year, it was hard to come by good production. That’s going to change soon and we want you to be ready with rosters brimming with talent from this position.

Before I get into these ranks. I don’t do all-inclusive ranks because whenever you draft, it’s all about NEED. Best available at each position is how I do things. Sure, some drafts you just take best available, but it’s just common practice for me to rank everyone separate. Also, these ranks factor in landing spot, draft stock and depth chart.

The Preeminent

1Noah FantBroncos1
1TJ HockensonLions2
3Dawson KnoxBills3
2Irv SmithVikings4
3Jace SternbergerPackers5
2Drew SampleBengals6
3Josh OliverJaguars7
3Kahale WarringTexans8
5Zach GentrySteelers9
4Foster MoreauRaiders10

The Undistinguished

7Alize MackSaints11
7Caleb WilsonCardinals12
UDFADax RaymondBears13
UDFADaniel HelmChargers14
UDFAMik’Quan DeaneSeahawks15
7Isaac NautaLions16
UDFADonald ParhamLions17
6Kaden Smith49ers18

I think guys like Mack, Wilson and Raymond have the chance to slide into the top tier at some point with not much competition ahead of them. The issue with them, is that we need to see what happens this offseason with veteran acquisitions and roster cuts. The only signing that could hurt any of the guys without draft capital is Maxx Williams. I have all the reason to believe he can figure out what was holding him back and breakout in the right system.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly what the Lions are doing at the position. They signed Jesse James who is good in his own right, but should be taking somewhat of a back seat to Hockenson who they drafted in the first round. Then they go and sign the most tight ends out of any team other than the Rams (tie with 3) by adding Nauta and the biggest question mark, Donald Parham. I’m sure this summer will be fun to watch!

Next Time On the Preeminent vs the Undistinguished….

The wonderful world of running backs!! Stay tuned!

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