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Dynasty Mock Draft Series: June

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The Dynasty Mock Draft Series is a collaborative set of articles sharing the results of mock drafts with dynasty analysts from across the fantasy football community. The full results, by round, are listed below. Each analyst that participated in this draft has their personal work hyperlinked to their description, please make sure to check out their individual work as long as all of the articles in this series.  We are also be tracking ADP, which you can find HERE.

Round 1: Evans and Conner Crack The Top 12

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
1.01 Saquon Barkley RB NYG 1.00
1.02 Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL 2.00
1.03 Alvin Kamara RB NO 4.00
1.04 Christian McCaffrey RB CAR 5.00
1.05 DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU 4.00
1.06 David Johnson RB ARI 9.00
1.07 Odell Beckham Jr WR CLE 5.50
1.08 Davante Adams WR GB 7.50
1.09 Todd Gurley RB LAR 9.50
1.10 Michael Thomas WR NO 9.00
1.11 Mike Evans WR TB 14.00
1.12 James Conner RB PIT 13.50

Up until the last two picks, the first round was pretty chalk.  I think that this is telling us there is a decent tier drop after the top 10.  Personally, I have no problem with Mike Evans and James Conner going in the back end of the first round.  

Evans has put up 5 straight 1,000 yard seasons since entering the league in 2014. The biggest issue with Evans in his career has been the consistency with touchdowns.  If he could consistently put up 8 touchdowns a season, Evans is easily a top 5 WR in dynasty.

Even with the recent news that James Conner, Jaylen Samuels and Benny Snell will all have a crack at the starting RB job in Pittsburgh, I am really excited about James Conner.  Through 13 games last season, Conner put up nearly 1,500 all purpose yards and 13 total touchdowns. He was dominant before getting hurt late in the season. I believe that Conner is easily the most talented RB in Pittsburgh and will win that starting job, which has shown to be really valuable for fantasy football.  

Mike Colaianne, The Fantasy Fanalysts

Round 2: KC Combo Touches Down in Round 2

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
2.01 Melvin Gordon RB LAC 12.00
2.02 Joe Mixon RB CIN 14.00
2.03 Travis Kelce TE KC 16.50
2.04 Julio Jones WR ATL 16.00
2.05 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR PIT 15.00
2.06 Nick Chubb RB CLE 18.50
2.07 Adam Thielen WR MIN 23.50
2.08 Dalvin Cook RB MIN 20.50
2.09 Patrick Mahomes QB KC 24.00
2.10 Amari Cooper WR OAK 23.00
2.11 Keenan Allen WR LAC 23.00
2.12 Stefon Diggs WR MIN 24.00

Round 2 is full of talent has some great players that could easily be mid-late first round picks.  Melvin Gordon (2.1) and Joe Mixon (2.2) bring top 5 RB potential, immense value. No one would have blinked if Julio Jones (2.4) or JuJu (2.5) went round 1.  Great to pair them with a top 3-5 RB or WR that you got in round 1. Breakout Candidates Nick Chubb (2.6) and Dalvin Cook (2.8) showed up with high expectations. Both Vikings WRs went, Thielen (2.7) and Diggs (2.12) WR8 and WR11 respectively over guys like T.Y. and Antonio Brown.  Amari Cooper (2.10) and Keenan Allen (2.11) were great pairings with Elliot and Kamara, great value in the end of the 2nd. The biggest thing that stood out to me was, if you want Kelce (2.3) or Mahomes (2.9) you must pay up for it.  If you want them, you must be prepared to pay up and have a strategy in place to make up for it later. What it looked like, Mahomes squad ended up with CMC, T.Y. Hilton, Tyler Boyd, and Derrick Henry after 5 rounds.  Kelce squad ended up with M. Thomas, Aaron Jones, Kerryon Johnson, and Calvin Ridley after their top 5 picks. You can view all of the teams in the article to see get the big picture of different strategies at the beginning of this article.

David Heilman, Dynasty Dorks

Round 3: High upside

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
3.01 Zach Ertz TE PHI 27.50
3.02 Antonio Brown WR OAK 23.00
3.03 Brandin Cooks WR LAR 30.50
3.04 T.Y. Hilton WR IND 28.50
3.05 Le’Veon Bell RB NYJ 19.00
3.06 Marlon Mack RB IND 34.50
3.07 George Kittle TE SF 28.50
3.08 Leonard Fournette RB JAX 31.50
3.09 Andrew Luck QB IND 39.00
3.10 Aaron Jones RB GB 38.50
3.11 Sony Michel RB NE 36.50
3.12 Kenny Golladay WR DET 30.50

This round makes or breaks your team. Once the top guys go off the board in the first two rounds, round 3 gives you two options. Either you draft an older player that is established in their system or you go for the young stud on the cusp of breaking into the top tier of their respected position. The majority of the owners went with the latter.

Antonio Brown (age 30), Le’Veon Bell (27) and TY Hilton (29) went early in the round, but guys like Sony Michel (24), Aaron Jones (24), Marlon Mack (23) and Kenny Golladay (25) are cornerstone pieces for any dynasty team. Playing it safe with a guy like Zach Ertz will help your team now. So, if your goal is to win in 2019, this is a great option. But if you pull the trigger on a guy like George Kittle instead, your team is now set at tight end position for years to come. Two different options that depend on your approach for your team.

I tend go with youth and talent in most dynasty drafts. Therefore, I went with Brandin Cooks over someone like Hilton. Cooks sets my #2 wide receiver spot for the next couple of seasons. Which allows me to take some risk with my bench picks (Tre’Quan Smith, Rashaad Penny).

Anthony Zaragoza, Dynasty Football Factory

Round 4: First Rookies to Leave the Board

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
4.01 OJ Howard TE TB 48.50
4.02 Josh Jacobs RB OAK 37.50
4.03 Kerryon Johnson RB DET 37.00
4.04 AJ Green WR CIN 36.00
4.05 Julian Edelman WR NE 48.00
4.06 Devonta Freeman RB ATL 41.50
4.07 Robert Woods WR LAR 45.00
4.08 David Montgomery RB CHI 46.00
4.09 Derrick Henry RB TEN 42.50
4.10 Derrius Guice RB WAS 46.00
4.11 Damien Williams RB KC 40.00
4.12 Phillip Lindsay RB DEN 46.00

The 4th round in Dynasty Fantasy Football drafts this year is exciting because this is usually where an owner pulls the gun on the first rookie. Quite often other owners react and you might get a little rookie run during this round. Since the draft strategies are all so divergent in Dynasty formats this is the round where things often get crazy! OJ Howard at TE was surprise pick to lead off the round but he was quickly followed by the first rookie in Josh Jacobs. This pick also triggered a run on the RB position with a total of 8 coming off the board this round.  

Dennis Michelsen,

Round 5: Is This Truly the Value of Round 5?

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
5.01 Miles Sanders RB PHI 50.00
5.02 Chris Carson RB SEA 55.50
5.03 Jarvis Landry WR CLE 57.00
5.04 Tyler Boyd WR CIN 54.50
5.05 Cooper Kupp WR LAR 52.50
5.06 Evan Engram TE NYG 65.00
5.07 Tarik Cohen RB CHI 60.00
5.08 Aaron Rodgers QB GB 67.00
5.09 Mark Ingram RB BAL 49.50
5.10 Calvin Ridley WR ATL 57.00
5.11 Mike Williams WR LAC 59.00
5.12 Sammy Watkins WR KC 57.00

I look at the results from round 5 and I’m left feeling a bit drowsy. Sure, there are a few nuggets of gold: Mark Ingram at 5.09 and my own Cooper Kupp pick at 5.05, in particular. For the record, I would have drafted Ingram as my fifth round pick if I didn’t already have 3 RBs in the first 4 rounds. I just don’t see a lot of risk/reward. These were largely chalk picks. Calvin Ridley finished 2018 as the WR20, here he was drafted as the WR22. My 2018 crush, Jarvis Landry, finished 2018 as the WR23, here he was drafted WR20; the power of Mayfield compels you!

Two picks that stood out in round 5 were on the turns. Miles Sanders went 5.01. Perhaps the power of the rookie is too great for us to withstand in mock drafts. I’d love to pick @TheFF_MikeC’s brain on his thoughts behind that pick. The Eagles backfield has been largely shared for the past few seasons. Perhaps Mike believes that the Eagles just didn’t have the RB that they truly wanted in that role. Perhaps the preseason will prove this pick as genius. The other pick of risk was Sammy Watkins at 5.12 by @TheFFVigilante. 5.12 means we expect him to play most, if not all, of the 16 games in the fantasy season. I expect Watkins will not be on any of my teams in 2019 if his draft value is this high. He can be somebody else’s risk/reward.

Marc Szymanski, The Fantasy Fanalysts

Round 6: The Breakout Wide Receiver Round

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
6.01 Parris Campbell WR IND 77.00
6.02 D.J. Moore WR CAR 49.00
6.03 Chris Godwin WR TB 58.00
6.04 Hunter Henry TE LAC 66.00
6.05 James White RB NE 67.00
6.06 Tyler Lockett WR SEA 68.50
6.07 Lamar Miller RB HOU 66.50
6.08 Latavius Murray RB NO 91.50
6.09 Eric Ebron TE IND 59.00
6.10 Rashaad Penny RB SEA 76.50
6.11 Will Fuller WR HOU 79.00
6.12 Allen Robinson WR CHI 67.00

Six of the twelve players drafted in this round are WR’s. The first four of those: Parris Campbell (6.01), D.J. Moore (6.02), Chris Godwin (6.03) and Tyler Lockett (6.06) all have a big opportunity to capitalize in their respective offenses. Indianapolis invested draft capital into Parris Campbell with the 59th-overall pick (late 2nd). Frank Reich had this to say about Campbell, “Just his explosiveness. Playing in the slot, you see all the things he can do, but I really saw some abilities in him that I thought translate and make him not just a slot receiver that you can do a lot of different things with him.” As for D.J., the path to a sophomore season leap is looking moore promising (I’ll see myself out). He led all Panther receivers in total PPR points (157) in 2018. Moore is the #1 WR opposite of Curtis Samuel and the loss of Devin Funchess helps his weekly floor. Chris Godwin has one of the easiest cases to make for a breakout. Tampa Bay is 5th in vacated targets per game at 14.9 (38%). Godwin still had a WR25 finish in 2018 even though he suffered inconsistencies in snap share due to the presence of Humphries & Jackson. Bruce Arians thinks Godwin can be a “100 catch guy” this season, while that may be bullish it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The recent Doug Baldwin retirement is the cherry on top for Tyler Lockett’s future. You could argue that Lockett (WR17 in 2018) has already had the most efficient season in his career and that he’s due for regression, you wouldn’t be wrong. That said, he is now the #1 WR on the Seattle Seahawks. He is the most complete route runner at the position on the outside and with Baldwin out (5.6 targets per game) more opportunities in the slot are inevitable for Lockett heading into the first of his multi-year contract extension.

Kyle Purdue,

Round 7: Round of the Quarterback

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
7.01 Deshaun Watson QB HOU 65.50
7.02 Baker Mayfield QB CLE 74.00
7.03 Kenyan Drake RB MIA 62.50
7.04 Tevin Coleman RB SF 76.50
7.05 N’Keal Harry WR NE 76.00
7.06 Russell Wilson QB SEA 79.00
7.07 Kareem Hunt RB CLE 74.50
7.08 Tyreek Hill WR KC 80.50
7.09 Alshon Jeffery WR PHI 72.50
7.10 Darrell Henderson RB LAR 95.50
7.11 Corey Davis WR TEN 84.00
7.12 LeSean McCoy RB BUF 87.00

Up to this point only 3 QB’S have been taken: Mahomes, Luck and Rodgers. Rodgers in the 5th was a reach in my opinion but to those teams who didn’t fall into the trap, it really paid off for them here. Watson, Mayfield and Wilson all went in the 7th round and at this point in time that is tremendous value. I would take all three of them over Rodgers and they were able to snag them a full two rounds later while building their teams in the previous rounds. In dynasty 1 QB leagues, I’m looking at team size and scoring for the QB position. Is it 10 teams or 16? Is it 4 PT per TD or 6 PT per TD? If it’s the 16 team 6 PT TD league I can justify going for Mahomes or Luck. But if it’s the 10 team 4 PT TD league, I would probably wait like these three teams did and still get a more than capable passer to lead your dynasty.

Brandon Hamer, Gridiron Experts

Round 8: Round 8 Brings Value at WR & Dice Rolls on RB

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
8.01 Devin Singletary RB BUF 110.50
8.02 Royce Freeman RB DEN 92.00
8.03 Dante Pettis WR SF 77.00
8.04 Robby Anderson WR NYJ 80.00
8.05 Jared Cook TE NO 106.50
8.06 Sterling Shepard WR NYG 87.00
8.07 Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 113.00
8.08 Matt Ryan QB ATL 97.50
8.09 Jordan Howard RB PHI 98.50
8.10 Austin Hooper TE ATL 94.00
8.11 Carlos Hyde RB SF 100.50
8.12 D.K. Metcalf WR SEA 84.50

With 37 running backs taken in the first seven rounds, it’s no surprise that the four guys drafted in round eight all come with question marks. The round started with Devin Singletary and ended with Carlos Hyde with Jordan Howard and Royce Freeman sandwiched in the middle. All four guys will be fighting in crowded backfields for a defined role in 2019. On the flip side, we saw some value picks in the eighth round at wide receiver. The five guys taken were Dante Pettis, Robby Anderson, Sterling Shepard, Larry Fitzgerald, and D.K. Metcalf. In particular, Pettis and Anderson feel like steals and Metcalf in a post-Baldwin world coming at the end of the eighth round could easily outperform this draft spot.

Ryan Whitfield,

Round 9: Last Chance for Top Tier Tight Ends

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
9.01 Courtland Sutton WR DEN 91.50
9.02 Jerick McKinnon RB SF 95.00
9.03 Peyton Barber RB TB 99.00
9.04 Keke Coutee WR HOU 111.00
9.05 Mecole Hardman WR KC 101.00
9.06 Marvin Jones WR DET 117.00
9.07 T.J. Hockenson TE DET 97.00
9.08 Geronimo Allison WR GB 93.00
9.09 Noah Fant TE DEN 106.00
9.10 David Njoku TE CLE 97.50
9.11 James Washington WR PIT 110.00
9.12 Philip Rivers QB LAC 114.50

The tight end position continues to be cloudy for fantasy football players. This draft, like most, started with a clear top tier guys going off the board early (Kelce 2.03, Ertz 3.01, Kittle 3.07). 5 more tight ends went off the board before the 9th round: Howard (4.01), Engram (5.06), Henry (6.04), Ebron (6.09), Cook (8.05), and Hooper (8.10). You can see that past the 5th round, there’s a lack of viable long-term options.

In the 9th round we see 3 more tight ends come off the board within 4 picks of each other: TJ Hockenson (9.07), Noah Fant (9.09), and David Njoku (9.10). This is the crossroads between potential and patience. Rookie tight ends traditionally have a long development arc but Hockenson is a top passing option in an offense that has thrown for at least 4,000 yards in 7 of the last 8 seasons. Fant’s offense may be less pass-heavy, but he’s a the more dynamic and athletic high profile rookie tight end. He has the ability to immediately contribute as a wideout-esq option for an aging Joe Flacco. Patience is key with Njoku, who despite being touted every offseason, has never surpassed 60 receptions or 650 yards in his young career. He took a big step forward his sophomore year, but will have to fend off OBJ, Landry, Callaway, and their three headed running back monster.

Matt Hicks, The Fantasy Fanalysts

Round 10: QB Value Picks and Mystery RBs

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
10.01 Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 110.50
10.02 Jared Goff QB LAR 122.00
10.03 Ronald Jones RB TB 108.00
10.04 Damien Harris RB NE 112.00
10.05 Ito Smith RB ATL 104.50
10.06 Carson Wentz QB PHI 111.00
10.07 D’Onta Foreman RB HOU 107.00
10.08 Vance McDonald TE PIT 113.50
10.09 Christian Kirk WR ARI 102.50
10.10 Tyrell Williams WR OAK 114.00
10.11 Jameis Winston QB TB 119.50
10.12 Kyler Murray QB ARI 131.00

The 10th round of this draft was a favorite spot to draft for those who either waited to draft a QB or wanted to reach for a top-shelf QB2. Five QBs were taken including Roethlisberger, Goff, and Wentz. All guys who have been capable of QB1 numbers recently which gives you a great value at this spot. Kyler Murray is an intriguing pick here at the 10.12 pick whose rushing ability could easily return value as a QB2 flier. We got some RBs with relatively unknown potential value here with Ronald Jones, Damien Harris, and Ito Smith. Each could spin a story where RB2 numbers are achievable, but there’s plenty of bust potential there as well. We only saw two WRs go in this round with Christian Kirk and Tyrell Williams. Both of these guys could offer WR2 value but are both tied to shaky offenses. Kirk is an attractive pick here looking long term if Kyler can succeed. I personally liked the overall value of the WRs picked in the next round, however.

John Ferguson, Gridiron Experts

Round 11: A Little Bit of Everything

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
11.01 Golden Tate WR NYG 100.00
11.02 Trey Burton TE CHI 122.00
11.03 Tre’Quan Smith WR NO 127.00
11.04 Devin Funchess WR IND 131.50
11.05 Dede Westbrook WR JAX 119.50
11.06 Justice Hill RB BAL 111.50
11.07 Anthony Miller WR CHI 132.00
11.08 Drew Brees QB NO 122.50
11.09 Austin Ekeler RB LAC 129.50
11.10 Kirk Cousins QB MIN 130.00
11.11 Deebo Samuel WR SF 128.00
11.12 Mark Andrews TE BAL 132.00

Round 11 was a very interesting round, because we saw many of the teams look for upside plays while others looked for players to fill holes and gaps in their roster. Guys like Deebo, TreQuan, Dede and Anthony Miller are all young players with immense upside that could cash in, in 2019. While others looked to nab QB’s and TE’s and some other vets to round out things for their team. One interesting player that was taken in this round was Justice Hill. This may seem like a reach to some but I absolutely love the call. In the later rounds, the draft picks are almost exclusively about upside and Hill really fits that bill, especially in PPR. Pair with Lamar Jackson, I believe that Hill will get to be used in a variety of ways and could even steal that starting role in 2020.

Garret Price, Dynasty Nerds

Round 12: Panther Value in Round 12

Pick Player POS Team MDS ADP (OVR)
12.01 Curtis Samuel CAR WR 128.00
12.02 Ian Thomas CAR TE 134.00
12.03 Josh Allen BUF QB 137.50
12.04 Jimmy Garoppolo SF QB 132.00
12.05 DeSean Jackson PHI WR 137.00
12.06 Daesean Hamilton DEN WR 135.50
12.07 Benjamin Watson NE TE 139.00
12.08 Marquise Brown BAL WR 117.50
12.09 Emmanuel Sanders DEN WR 141.00
12.10 Cam Newton CAR QB 135.00
12.11 A.J. Brown TEN WR 122.50
12.12 Nyheim Hines IND RB 131.50

For the most part, there were no eyebrow raisers in this round besides fellow Carolina Panthers, Curtis Samuel and Cam Newton. Clearly Cam Newton is the bigger value compared to Samuel, but what’s surprising is that Newton came out as the QB18. Are we really that afraid of the injuries and surgeries that he’s had happen to him? Are we right to let him plummet to save ourselves from staring at him in the IR? To an extent, yes, you should temper your expectations. However, if Cam manages to get healthy before the season starts and you got him at this point in a draft, I will commend you. ESPECIALLY if he’s your QB2. Curtis Samuel being available for me here was a joy. Samuel is really starting to round into the player that most saw him capable of becoming out of Ohio State. I think he’ll be a great WR2 behind DJ Moore and I would easily take him over most of the rookie receivers this year.
Christopher Nelson, GIF Lead, The Fantasy Fanalysts

2 thoughts on “Dynasty Mock Draft Series: June

  1. Stunned that N’keal Harry went mid 7th (especially after Paris Campbell at 6.01). I’ve never seen him get out of the 5th round in my drafts.

    1. Yea that was a big surprise. I think N’keal is the best WR in this class. The only reason I can say he fell is that our drafters May be skeptical about how much he will produce early on. Again, I’d take him over Campbell for the long run, but I can see an argument for Campbell out producing Harry in their rookie seasons

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