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Week 1 Dynasty Waiver Wire Targets

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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 08: Gardner Minshew #15 of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks on after a game against the Kansas City Chiefs at TIAA Bank Field on September 08, 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Keelan Doss, OAK, WR: Less than 5% Owned

Waiver Wire Priority: Medium
FAAB Budget Recommendation: 5-8%

Keelan Doss should be one of the bigger dynasty adds right now. A guy who dominated the way you want him to on an FCS team, Doss was thought by many to be drafted in the mid rounds, but wasn’t. I had him as my WR13 pre-draft, so seeing him not get drafted was a head scratcher. He gives that Kenny Golladay feel when watching him play. He knows how to make athletic adjustments to the ball, which to me says quarterback efficiency won’t necessarily hurt him. Even though he was undrafted, the Raiders gave him money comparable to a 4th round draft pick to come back after Antonio Brown forced his way out, so safe to say the team doesn’t just want him as a depth play. JJ Nelson and Ryan Grant are honestly backups who shouldn’t hinder his success. I imagine the depth chart will be him as the Split End (X), Renfrow as the Slot in 3 WR sets (Y) and Tyrell as the Flanker (Z) because of his speed. 

Gardner “The Mustache” Minshew, JAX, QB: Less than 5% Owned

Waiver Wire Priority: Medium
FAAB Budget Recommendation: 10-12%

Minshew is definitely going to be a hot grab for those who left him on the waiver wire this draft season. With Nick Foles going down at least for half the season, the keys of this Jacksonville offense is in the hands of “The Mustache”. He showed poise in the pocket and when he was under pressure. Obviously, he’s going to have some rookie growing pains, but the coaching staff will limit how much he can really let it go and focus more on Fournette. I came away from his college tape really impressed with his quarterback skill. At Washington State, he showed escapability under pressure, awareness of the pressure, poise under pressure among a few other things. The biggest part, is he knows how to setup his running back on screens, wheel routes, checkdowns and the post/corner route. This one is for the more QB needy teams who have just missed out on getting that back up for your only QB (no way he’s available in 2QB dynasties). Who knows, maybe he surprises and usurps Nick Foles while he’s out.

DJ Chark, JAX, WR : Less than 12% Owned

Waiver Wire Priority: Low
FAAB Budget Recommendation: 1-4%

We can’t mention Gardner Minshew without mentioning the guys he’ll go to outside of Fournette. There’s a saying from somewhere (may have been the fantasy footballers years ago) that, “backups go to backups”. There has been a drumbeat for as long as he has come into the league to roster him. Yes, there is a DJ Chark hive. Either way, Minshew looked like he had a nice rapport with him along with some others. He went 4/4 for 146 yards and a touchdown and did very well on everyone’s benches or waivers, let’s be honest. Still, at a very nice 71% snap count, Chark was out there enough to make you comfortable in not only rostering him, but starting him as a flex if necessary. He has the speed to break the top off of a defense and sure enough hands to be a good enough complement to Minshew. He’s not a high priority but better believe he is one that a ton of people will go after.

Deon Cain, IND, WR : Less than 5% owned

Waiver Wire Priority: Low
FAAB Budget Recommendation: 0-1%

Deon Cain, a Clemson alum aka “Wide Receiver U” is another young receiver who has a small hive backing him. Partly because of the school he went to and partly because well, he’s still pretty good. Great speed and catch radius, Cain still gives the Colts some size on the outside where it will be missing Devin Funchess for at least 8 weeks. If there’s one thing I can take away from the game against the Chargers, it’s that I hear his name quite a lot. You don’t really know which receiver is going to take the reins for Funchess at the WR2 given the fact that there’s also guys like Chester Rogers, Zach Pascal, and Parris Campbell vying for that number two and three spot. It’s my best shot in the dark for who would be next in line receiver wise and I’d say it’s a good calculated shot!

Danny Amendola, DET, WR: Less than 5% Owned

Waiver Wire Priority: Low
FAAB Budget Recommendation: 2-4%

Believe it or not, I’m not here for the 100+ yards he just scored. Amendola is, can and will be a great option for the dinking and dunking of Matt Stafford. With Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones Jr on the outside, Amendola is a perfect complement to them. Not to mention, since Kearse went down, they don’t have a lot of dependable depth. Luckily enough, they have a rookie tight end who broke the mold for the position (at least for a week) and helped shore up some depth issues within the offense. However, I think that Amendola will be just fine in a Pats-lite offense and thrive as a WR4 (in terms of production). Sunday showed he can when the bigger threats are covered up, compiling 13 targets. Low risk, middling reward, he’s everything you can hope for in a solid bench piece. It’s not always about your starters.

Rage Drops, ALL Teams, All Positions: No Longer Owned

Waiver Wire Priority: Medium-Low
FAAB Budget Recommendation: 10-15%

It’s going to happen, It will happen, WATCH IT TAKE PLACE! Even in dynasty, PEOPLE OVERREACT. Sure, this is a time to take advantage of trades with great performances or terrible ones, but it is a place for drops too. Let’s just be really honest, we as fantasy football players get upset and tilt hard. Just like with normal waivers, it’s not going to be the big names that get cut, but the middle to low tier guys that you’ll find that are team builders for the future. TRUST ME, this is coming from a fantasy football player who has made a living NOT trading. I’ve built my championship dynasty teams from waivers. Another key aspect to watch is the people who make a mad grab for someone who got released. They may drop a building block for your future! So the key here, is to watch and pay attention because if you’re in a dynasty league, you should at least know your opposition and their habits, capitalize on that. 

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