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Fantasy Football Week 6 Reviewed in 12 Bullet Points

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Week 6 is coming to a close and I can proudly say im 5-1 in 2 leagues and a middle-of-the-pack at 3-3 in two more. By the end of week 6, we have a pretty good idea of who is who and how teams plan to use their pieces. Below are 12 bullet points to give you food for thought as we continue down the road of this wonderful NFL and Fantasy season.

  • ‘Manny Sanders having some knee issues is worrisome for multiple reasons – the first being his fantasy value in an already sometimes-dismal offense, and his trade value to a team that needs high-powered vets to win now.
  • Don’t overreact to Diggs going nuts. He’s at 34 targets on the season, 11 of them coming this past week. His low volume targets is painful especially when he’s catching almost 70% of them. Now is your time to sell while people think he will rebound, I don’t have faith in the Vikings to sustain his involvement.
  • The 49ers defense is legit. If you’re in a league that runs D/ST, grab em because they are a 3 week rental and have a favorable matchup against the ‘Skins next week.
  • Matt Ryan and the Falcons are finding an identity and its swifty by Air with a lil bit of Ground mixed in. Freeman may finally be earning the right to be in your weekly lineups with favorable matchups coming. Likewise if you have players facing the Falcons D
  • Jamaal Williams may be the back to own in Green Bay even with Jones having the massive week last week. He saw a higher snap percentage, higher rush percentage, and better efficiency. It doesn’t help that Jones put a ball on the ground and dropped a TD. I’m grabbing him as a handcuff and as a bencher for now.
  • Sam Darnold gave me confidence in the Jets offense. Crowder, Bell, and Anderson can all be great situational plays, just wait a week.
  • Hunter Henry is alive! Was great to see him tear it up but there is absolutely no consistency on the Chargers and their O-line scares me. This is by far the most cursed team in the league with injuries and it’s showing.
  • The Steelers offense was a question mark with Ben and Rudolph down, but, on the back of James Connor they will win games, especially with their defense playing grade A football as we enter the middle of the season. Connor returns to being a weekly start if you had considered sitting him on a situational basis.
  • Everyone is raving about Deshaun Watson and this past week but lets not forget the fact that he threw 2 picks against a defense that isn’t good against the pass and was missing it’s top pass rusher. That was a game where they should have blown the Chiefs out but they didn’t, don’t over hype the Texans just yet.
  • Mahomes wasted no time giving Tyreek all the targets. For a game where everyone is doubting Mahomes, he still had almost 300 yards and had 3 touchdowns. I don’t know that he’s slowing down more so that their defense isn’t helping him.
  • I’m worried about Baker – 11 INTs through week 6. That’s beyond alarming. Their schedule doesn’t get any easier either. The one silver lining – reports of a trade for Trent Williams, that’d give Baker a huge boost of confidence in protecting his blindside. Expect to see more fluctuation in how this offense performs for the next few weeks but its hard to justify moving OBJ, cause that’s what we’re all thinking.
  • Russell Wilson is my favorite QB to watch live and play in Fantasy. His air attack is tremendous to watch but with Dissly going down, we have to expect a bit of reduction in air efficiency. Though, they have a fantastic rushing attack with Carson, so maybe not because defenses can’t only defend the pass. Metcalf goes up in value now.

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