Week 10 WR/TE Buy and Sell Targets

Boy oh boy did this past week have some fun and exciting games that have painted a picture for me of who I want to start targeting more and more. Some are under the radar, some are right in your face. Either way, lets get ready for the home stretch of the fantasy season.

Wide Receiver, Buying:

Josh Gordon

He was my week 1 sell target and at that point in the season, I think that was an accurate place for him to be. Since then, things have changed. He’s now a patriot and is evolving as a player in that system. Coming off his biggest game as a patriot where he saw 10 targets, about a third of Tom Brady’s throws, capitalized on 5 (should have been 6) for 130 yards and a touchdown. He showed big play ability, showed his hands, and showed a growing connection between him and TB12. Through 6 games with Pats, he’s 38 targets, 22 receptions, 2 touchdowns, and roughly 400 yards. I love him in this system and moving forward. Buy em!

Sammy Watkins

He’s slowly crept into the top 25 of WRs in PPR leagues. Coming off a 5 for 62 performance in Cleveland, he gets a match-up with Arizona and their second string CB named what exactly? This season, he’s only been good for 3 touchdowns because Mahomes has 3 other targets to give them to in the form of Tyreek, Kelce, and Hunt. But, you’re not buying Watkins to be your fantasy savior, you’re buying him to be a solid role player. With 54 targets and 39 receptions on the season, he can be the guy to give you solid WR2/3 points per week. The Chiefs offense shows no signs of slowing down and I’d take him as a role player.

Wide Receiver, Selling:

Amari Cooper

First game jitters in the middle of the season? Nah, he didn’t have any. In a game where it was his first time playing with the quarterback, he saw 8 targets from Prescott, that’s his third highest all season – he was previously playing with a guy who’d he played with for some quite some time and averaged 5 targets per game through the 6 games he played for the Raiders. He looked good in his Cowboy’s debut hauling in 5 of those 8 targets for 58 yards and a touchdown. This is why I’m selling him, he looked good and like he was full of potential. Maybe you can do what the Raiders did and get a 1st rounder for him in a package. He is talented, no doubt, but is the Cowboy’s offense much better than the Raiders? Maybe at the RB position, but that’s it. Will his issue of dropping passes disappear in Dallas? No way of knowing. Sell him on a great and promising week.

Golden Tate

He teetered on a buy for me. The Eagles made an aggressive move for a guy that dominates the slot. Except they already had decent slot production out of Agholor. They also just paid a ton of money for Alshon. Leaving Tate as seemingly half season rental. Will that effect him? Maybe not, if anything it could have the adverse effect and benefit him as the Eagles will try to get their value out of him before he potentially walks away at the end of the year. Tate has seen some great usage on the year with 69 targets, 44 receptions, and over 500 yards, I’m just not sure that Carson will give him the target share that Stafford did. I’d sell him now while some people are still enamored with the move

Tight End, Buying:

Chris Herndon

Since assuming the starting role for the Jets in week 6, Herndon has been a pleasant surprise and a quiet one. He’s seen 15 targets, catching 11 of them for 176 yards and three touchdowns. Pretty solid stats for a relative unknown at the position on a team led by a rookie QB prone to interceptions. In his stretch of starts, he faced one of the toughest defenses in the Bears and still came away with a touchdown to give him fantasy value. He’s a rookie that’s getting targets and producing with them. He’ll earn trust from his quarterbacks and his value will continue to rise. He’s owned in less than 12 percent of ESPN leagues, go get him in dynasty and in redraft if you need TE help, he’s a TE2 but a consistent starter in my opinion.

Tight End, Selling:

Kyle Rudolph

The fact that he’s the TE 12 in PPR leagues goes to show you how devoid the fantasy landscape is of big time TEs. Since week 6, he’s not had more than 4 catches, has not broken 50 yards in a game since week 4, and hasn’t seen a touchdown since week 3. His production is poor in an offense where they have 2 of the best receivers in the league and a formidable running game. Cousins his looking his way less which means it’s time to sell him. Guide Santa’s sleigh for another team.

Buying and Selling WR/TE Targets for Week 8

We all know the NFL trade deadline is approaching and teams are making move, the Raiders gave away a fantastic talent in Amari Cooper (He’s still a sell candidate) and I can only wonder what else is to come. We in the fantasy world have a luxury of being able to trade often and whenever, depending on your league rules. With that in mind, here’s some buy and sell targets ahead of week 8.

Wide Receiver, Buying

John Brown

He has been a wonderful surprise this year and is currently WR11 in standard leagues. Through 7 games he has a stat line of 54 targets with 28 receptions, 558 yards, and 4 touchdowns. I like it, it’s not solid gold, but I like it. His catch percentage of 52% isn’t thrilling but I don’t know that we can put it all on him. He’s seeing 18% percent of Flacco’s throws in a season where Flacco is on pace to throw almost 600 times. I think he has massive upside just off that knowledge alone, not taking into consideration his big play ability. Oh, lets also talk about his schedule – favorable matchups against Pit, Atl, TB, KC, Oak – he looks ripe to continue a breakout year.

Cole Beasley

Boy, I wish I could see the puzzled look of concern on your face when you see his name popup. Beasley has potential to dominate the field and the looks from Prescott, we saw it in week 6 against Jacksonville where he walked away with 9 for 101 and 2 touchdowns, a monster stat line. He saw consistent targets and catches last week against Washington but failed to reach the endzone. I think the addition of Cooper breaks the field open a bit more for him. To date, he’s seen 43 targets and caught 33 of them, I expect this number goes up much more. Oh, the best thing, he’s available in almost 80% of leagues on ESPN, go get him for free, consider him a WR3/Flex play based on match-up, and benefit.

Wide Receiver, Selling

Brandin Cooks

He’s back! To his old ways of boom or bust, with a sprinkle of injuries. I loved him on the pats because he gave us a great speed threat, on the Rams he’s still that player but he’s on an offense with too many options. 44 targets for 32 catches and 569 yards, a solid stat line, add in 2 touchdowns and he definitely has his boom games. It’s this reason that you can trade him for valuable pieces, use him and the fact that the Rams are so dominant to get you a potential RB1/WR2/3 package, that kind of trade is out there.

Any Jaguars Receiver

Jacksonville isn’t quite the team we thought we’d see this year, specially after their dominant week 2 win against the Patriots. There is definitely turmoil going on as Bortles continue to flounder and his receivers are suffering. As a whole, they average about 256 passing yards per game, that’s not a ton to go around to begin. They have varying degrees of usage and targets and no constant denominator. Hell, the player with the second highest amount of receptions is T.J. Yeldon, a running back! With no receivers having more than 31 receptions going into week 8, no one higher than 404 yards receiving, and no one owning more than 2 touchdowns, I’m just not a fan of any wide receiver.

Tight End, Buying

Jimmy Graham

I’m back tracking here but only because I’m loving the stats and usage he’s seen the past 2 weeks. He’s seen 20 targets for 11 receptions, 180 yards but no touchdowns, averaging a respectable 9 yards per target. Rodgers is looking his way more and more (45 targets on the season) and he’s catching them more and more. They have a tough defensive matchup this week against the Rams but after that, no defense scares me for them. I think he progresses and continues to gain Rodger’s trust and teeter-totters on the second or third option in that passing attack.

Tight End, Selling

Oj Howard

There is such a fine line between weekly, startable options at TE that it’s hard to justify anyone sitting in the top 15. Except, you can. Howard is a consistent TE, generally bringing 4 or 5 balls a game, averaging yards in the 60/game range. It’s not bad, it’s good for 10 PPR points a week, but it’s not great. It’s not wowing me. I will bet there’s someone in your league with a need at TE, it’s just how things go. You can offer him up and get a nice trade that swings your way. Well, who do you replace Howard with, you may ask. There are a number of tight-ends available that can be sufficient, see CJ Uzomah (available in over 60% of leagues) or Ricky Seals-Jones who’s offense may turn around for the better and add value to him (available in 80% of leagues) There’s talent out there for you to make a move at TE to upgrade another roster need, you just have to look.

Get the Squirrel: Week 7 Buy and Sell Targets for WR and TE

Week 6 was a fun week for some tight games like the Pats/Chiefs and the unexpected excitement of the Packers/49ers. A lot happened, a lot of boom happened to be more specific. I won this week on the back of a wide receiver and I expect that to happen frequently. Lets take a look at who you should buy and sell to improve your team.

Wide Receiver, Buying:

Julian Edelman

You should have seen this coming. In his return he saw 9 targets, 7 catches, for 54 yards. Not a big boom in the return but if you’re looking for pure stats, you’re looking at this wrong. He saw 9 targets in his first game in over a year, him and Brady didn’t miss a beat and to me that spells money. In his week 6 game, he stayed consistent, 4 for 7 for 54 yards but adding a touchdown, I love his usage. In his last full season he saw over 159 targets, that pegs him as one of the highest, if not the highest, targeted receiver from 2016. I suspect we will see similar volume over the rest of the season, his almost 16 targets through two games tells me this much. You may be able to buy him cheap if someone isn’t confident in his longevity but he also may be a hard buy.

Davante Adams

I had my doubts early. Being the number one target isn’t always easy and full of amazing games. Unless your Adams and just so happen to be Rodgers favorite target. 71 targets through 6 games, catching 47 of them for a nice 66% catch rating and getting 557 yards. He’s on track for a monster season. But he’s also on track for 16 touchdowns. He’s average 1 a game and coming off of this past week where Rodger’s only 2 touchdowns were to Adams, I’d say his value and worth are astoundingly high. You may read this and tell me I’m an idiot for even saying to buy him and that this may be an impossible feat but if you’re in Dynasty, do it, he has many more years with this kind of production. If you’re in redraft, do it, he can be a week winner.

Wide Receiver: Selling

Will Fuller

Can you say touchdown dependent? His big play ability is the only thing that saves him but he is the biggest boom-or-bust player outside of Amari Cooper at he WR position. To date, he’s seen 31 targets for 21 receptions with 3 touchdowns, not bad for someone who missed week 1. You may question why I say sell, look at the previous years; 2017 only 50 targets with a 56% catch rate, 2016, 92 targets with a 51% catch rate. He’s generally good to catch half the balls thrown his way, which means low yardage, which means touchdown dependent. He’s had a solid start to the season but I don’t think he plays the full rest of the season nor does he keep up the pace he currently has. He’s coming off two consecutive down weeks with 3 targets, 2 receptions, and averaging 24 yards, but you can still sell him on the previous production.

Jarvis Landry

What a target animal, 66 targets through 6 games. Sell a target monster? A PPR machine in past seasons? Yes, a 50% catch rate tells me to sell him. 1 touchdown tells me to sell him. Catching 2 balls last game on 9 targets tells me to sell him. Barely reaching and breaking 100 yards twice tells me to sell him. As much as we love Baker, as much as we love Landry’s opportunity in Cleveland, he’s not catching them like he has in the past and that worries me. You can definitely sell him for some great pieces and I think you do it. Can this bite you in the butt down the line? Definitely, it just depends in what way.

Tight End, Buying:

CJ Uzomah

He assumed the starting role in Cincinnati this weekend and made the most of it. 7 targets which is a great indicator for me, 6 receptions which is fantastic to see, and 54 yards, a modest number for the first time as the lead tight end. I think Uzomah has potential to breakout for Cincy being that Kroft could potentially miss the rest of the season if he has surgery or significant time if he doesn’t. Historically, CJ isn’t great because he’s never had the opportunity to be the guy, now he does. Cincy has a great offense when they’re clicking and I think that will keep him relevant and reliable.

Tight End, Selling

Jesse James

Low volume, 21 targets through 6 games to be exact, and a third of that coming in the last game, but an exceptional catch rate at 81%. He had one monster week that is keeping him in the top 10 at the TE spot and hasn’t done much else outside of that. He saw 7 targets last game and caught 5 of them but only netted 25 yards, that’s crazy to me because you had Vance McDonald opposite him getting big chunks, why couldn’t he? Oh, that’s right, because Vance McDonald is there, too. But, that’s who he is, he’s boom or bust, more often, bust. Sell him for whatever low-end flex play you can get at the WR spot because you can get more value there.

Week 5 Wide Receiver and Tight End Buy/Sell Targets

Week 5 is on the horizon, look alive people! We’re past the quarter mark of the season and week 4 certainly did not disappoint. Right about now, you’re either panicking and giving up on fantasy football or you’re strategizing how to bounce back. We take a look at some targets for you to capitalize on and cash in with.

Wide Receivers, Buying:

Robert Woods

We’ve known Woods can play in LA, dating back to last season he was a very viable fantasy option. This year, it seems like he’s found himself teetering on the edge of the WR 2/3 position in LA. Even so, his target share is huge. 34 targets through the first 4 weeks with a 72% catch rate that is lessened purely because of his week 1 match-up where he caught 30% of the balls thrown his way. Now, coming of a 5 for 5 week where he had over 100 yards and a touchdown, I think you buy him. To be honest, you buy anyone in the Rams offense. It may be hard for you to get him away from his current owner but his continued volume and the Rams offensive ability makes him a great buy target as he’s not necessarily the top receiver in LA.

Taylor Gabriel

Here’s a deep one for you. A name that doesn’t elicit sparkling memories of fantasy dominance. Gabriel is showing he is a weapon for Trubisky and is getting the looks needed to make him valuable. In week 4 which was an absolute blowout for the Bears, a game where they didn’t need to throw but kept doing so, Gabriel saw 7 targets and caught them all. He had over 100 yards but the most notable and important thing is that he was the redzone target. Both of his touchdowns came when they were 3 yards out from the endzone. He’s showing that he can be trusted when it counts to his QB who has already supplied him with almost 30 targets. I want Gabriel on my team, specially as the Bears find their identity.

Wide Receivers, Selling:

Marvin Jones Jr 

It hurts me to say this, I love MJJ. But, The lions offense, as good as it can be, isn’t good enough to feed the mouths they have. Golladay is emerging as a younger, more efficient target. Tate is consistently a PPR machine and is showing amazing athleticism for his age. MJ has 29 targets through 4 weeks with only 15 targets, catching barely half the targets he gets. Combine that with low yardage, 58 yards on average through the first 4 games, he is seemingly touchdown dependent. Sell him and get a package or someone who has a currently better catch percentage.

Devin Funchess

He’s so..meh. Maybe it’s cause it’s early in the season and they had a week 4 bye but even so, his stats of 21 targets, 14 receptions and 185 yards and 1 touchdown just aren’t thrilling me. He has potential, look to last season where he saw over 100 targets, over 800 yards and 8 touchdowns. I think his problem is still his catch percentage, last year it was 56%, this year, so far, it’s sitting around 65%. It’s a concern and I’m just not feeling him at this point.

Tight End, Buying:

Vance McDonald

He missed week 1. Week 2, he saw a slightly increased role, week 3, he solidified his position as TE1 in Pittsburgh. Week 4, 5 catches on 5 targets for 62 yards. A very modest stat line and if he was a WR, no one would be overly jazzed about him. But, he’s a TE, and this year it feels like there’s no Grade A, high volume, high yardage TEs. Big Ben will look for him and going into a game against Atlanta where they’re missing their coverage backer, I think Vance is poised for another massive game. I scooped him where I could and look forward to reaping the rewards.

Tight End, Selling

Rob Gronkowski

What? The all time great of the TE world? Sell him? Yes. I’m a Patriot’s fan, I love Gronk and all that he does, I love his loyalty to Brady. But I do not love his attention he receives from other teams. Through 4 weeks he’s seen 23 targets, a low amount for the number 1 option on the Patriot’s offense. Week 1 was a boom of a week with over 120 yards and a touchdown, he hasn’t seen the endzone since. 4 catches for 44 yards in a game where the Patriots blew the Dolphins out, say hello to double coverage. Yes, Gordon is getting healthy, Edelman is coming back, their offense should be humming soon. But, defenses will always focus the biggest target on the field and that is Gronk without a doubt. Sell him and get the RB1 or WR1 your team needs and a few role players too.

The Case for a Little Fitz-Magic

Ryan Fitzmagic is tantalizing the NFL with his absolutely red-hot start. He is the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 400 yards in 3 straight games. He’s leading a Buccaneers team that couldn’t find their identity last season on offense or defense to a 2-1 start that easily could have been 3-0 save not for pressure getting to him and making eerily poor decisions compared to the previous 2 games. He’s doing all this right, bringing hope to a franchise that has always felt on the cusp but never could get over the hurdle. And yet, no one is sure if he’ll be the starter going forward, no one is confident that his organization won’t put Jameis back in the starting role with no regard for the magic that Fitzpatrick is creating. Lets look at the stats…

Small Sample, Big Results

Through the first three games of the 2018 season, Fitz is averaging 410 yards and roughly 3 touchdowns to 1 interception. He has a completion percentage averaging over 72% through three games against what many thought to be sturdy defenses. This also beats his career average of 60%. His football numbers are off the charts and so are his fantasy numbers – In PPR leagues, he is the QB1 and is averaging almost 40 points a game. That is astounding. We know, small sample size but for the sake of comparison, the QB1 last season, Russel Wilson, averaged only 24 points per game through the entire season and is only averaging 20 points a game through the first three games this year. FITZMAGIC is doubling up dudes.

Winston is No Competition

His competition, Jameis Winston, once showed a ton of promise and had people hopeful that he could steer the ship for the Bucs but he’s falling to way-side. Through 16 games last season he averaged 13 fantasy points a game. “You can’t compare a full season to 3 games”, that’s probably what you’re thinking. Well, let’s look at Fitzpatrick’s last full season as a starter from a fantasy perspective. He averaged 21.5 fantasy points a game and led his Jets team to 2nd in the AFC East and knocking on the door of running the playoffs. What does that tell you? He’s done this before, he’s led teams and been a fantasy force to boot.

But the argument is why should he start over Jameis Winston. Well, we’ve talked about Fitz-magic this season, over 400 yards a game average, 4 touchdowns a game average, highest completion percentage of his career. What did Jameis do last year?

Jameis had an abysmal 2017 to say the least. 19 touchdowns to 11 interceptions was one of the worst ratios in the league, remember we said the team didn’t have an identity? Lets look at his first 3 game pace to compare to Fitzy. Through 3 games he averaged a respectable 288 yards through the air, Fitz is still averaging more than 100 yards a game than Jameis was able to muster. Well, what about their touchdown-to-interception ratio? How does that stack up? Jameis had 6 touchdowns to 3 interceptions, 2:1, not an ideal ratio but respectable for a quarterback who struggled most of the year where he averaged almost 1 touchdown per game over the remaining 10 games he played.

Everyone Feels Better with a Little Magic

To me, everything about this Buccaneers team feels different, they look like they’re playing with swagger and it’s because Fitz-Magic is at the helm. I don’t think you can justify replacing him until this team has a multi-game meltdown. Jameis has never in his career played like Ryan Fitzpatrick is right now. Bucs fans and fantasy fans alike are happy there’s some magic in Tampa ( atleast for this season )

Week 4 Buy and Sell: Wide Receiver and Tight End

Guess what I did? I didn’t listen to myself from past articles, I didn’t sell Desean Jackson, I bought him and boy did that come back to bite me: lesson learned. As all great fantasy lovers do, we soldier on. Here we look at my targets for week 4!

Wide Receiver 


Adam Thielen

He’s playing the Rams”, you may say. To you I say NO Marcus Peters and NO Aqib Talib. Through three games he appears to be Kirk Cousin’s favorite target with 44 targets to be exact. He has a 72% catch percentage and has looked like he hasn’t missed a beat and is building off the amazing 2017 campaign he had. I’m putting my chips here because even in a game where the Vikings couldn’t score and the Buffalo D looked surprisingly good, Cousins looked for him often to the tune of 19 targets. I suspect a similar outing coming with the pressure that Suh and Donald can exert and with their coming schedule. Make a package and get him.

Mike Williams

Through 3 games, his target share isn’t much – only 15 targets. I know we in the fantasy community use this a gauge to see if a quarterback is looking one way or another but I think this is deceptive with him. He’s ranked 4th on the depth chart but is the clear number 2 receiver, maybe even number 1 for the Chargers.  When they got within the 20, he saw more targets than Keenan and had a clearly higher completion to touchdown ratio. I’m very excited for this kid going forward and seeing what he can do against a 49ers secondary that is without Richard Sherman is the next test of his involvement in their offense. The chargers have a favorable schedule as the season goes which gives Williams room to grow.


Calvin Ridley

 His emergence could be starting. Coming off a fantastic stat line of 7-146-3, making the hands down WR1 for week 3, is making me feel like he’s starting to come to. Week 2 saw him with 4-64-1, a modestly good line opposite Julio. I think Matt Ryan continues to find his rookie but I’m cautious. Lets not forget week 1 when he disappeared for an 0-0-0 line. I don’t think this repeats ever again in this kids career but going into Cincy against a formidable D, I sell him this week, expect the fire to tone down a bit, you could use him to get an upgrade to a legit wide receiver 1.

Jordy Nelson

He’s old, he had one flash of a game, and his team looks terrible all around. I don’t like him going into Cleveland, a team that is certainly on the up-swing and who’s defense honestly looks like one of the top units in the league. Before last week he had a combined 5 catches for 50 yards on 8 targets. I’m not high on his overall potential to be a weekly starter but some people still buy off hype, now’s your chance, preach his history and make the sale.

Tight End


Trey Burton

This Chicago offense has been very underwhelming through 3 weeks. We thought they’d take a step forward and really be a well-rounded powerhouse team but I think Mitch is holding them back. His targets have been consistent averaging 5 a game, and week 1 was an outlier where he only caught 1 pass. At some point, this offense has to get going and the brought Burton in to be a pillar for Mitch. My bet is this team starts to figure itself out, week 4 is usually where teams get into a grove and I hope it happens here. Going against Tampa, a game that will more than likely be a shootout, I see big opportunity for Burton and big opportunity for you to buy him on the low.


David Njoku

Baker time baby! Which some would think means Njoku should see a boost, right? Wrong. Through 2 games with Tyrod, he saw 14 targets, pretty solid numbers warranting a start. Game 3 he only saw 2 targets and there is the problem. Baker played the entire second half and was in with more than 2 minutes to go in the first half. He had plenty of time to throw the ball and he needed to in order to win the game. The fact that his targets didn’t go Njoku’s way tells me he loves his WRs and RBs and the fact that the Raiders only solid looking defensive piece are their linebackers signals to me that Njoku can see another down week and could see a down year with Baker at the helm. sell em!