Top2 Leagues

2018 Top 2 Sponsored Leagues:

The Top2 Crew takes pride in providing fun and competitive leagues for our listeners, readers, and followers to participate in. Once the season kicks off, league leaders will be promoted on the site weekly!

To get involved in leagues, follow us on Twitter: @Top2Sports

Signature League:

The Top 2 Challenge presented by Fantasy Champs

The Top 2 Challenge presented by Fantasy Champs features 8 analysts from around the Fantasy Football community and 8 fans. The fan spots will be given away throughout June and July-to enter for a chance to win follow the instructions on the pinned post on the Top2Sports Twitter. 

Best Ball Leagues:

Best Ball Leagues are hosted by Matt Hicks on DRAFT. They are occurring throughout the off-season as we fill the void in our hearts until the season begins. To enter in Best Ball Leagues, follow Matt on Twitter: @Top2Matt

We currently have 12 Best Ball Leagues…and counting!

Staff Hosted Leagues

Top2 Devy League, Commissioner: Josh Padgett

  • This league is currently full of fans & writers! Check back in for more devy & dynasty leagues next season.

Top2 Redraft League, Commissioners: Marc Syzmanski & Mike Wallace

  • This league is currently filling, but still has some spots left. Contact us on Twitter Top2Sports to get a spot!